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    Whitelist Server room 201 [Direwolf20 5.3.2] Whitelisted | 24/7 | 18 slots

    1. Your IGN. Lillelaursen 2. How Long Have You Been Playing Minecraft. I don't really know the number but since alfa 3. How Long Have You Been Playing Direwolf20. 1 years i think 4. Favorite Mod And Why. TF : it's an awesome mod and i like to explore the world :D 5. How Often Do You Play? That...
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    Whitelist Server North-Craft[Direwolf 1.7.10]|Plugins|Grief-Protection|No-PvP/No-Grief|

    Minecraft Username: Lillelaursen Age: 14 Time Zone/Country? UTC+1/Denmark How many hours a week do you think you'll be on? Some day i will be on nealy 10 hours and some days 30 min Why do YOU want to join: The server sound awesome and i whould like to join :) How can you benefit our...