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    Problem Chunkloaders Beyond

    I do realise that certain chunkloaders have been disabled by default such as the MFFS one and Raicraft ones, but extra utils chunk wards seem to show up in JEI but have no recipe they are enabled in the configs. We also re enabled the railcraft anchors also and they do not show up in JEI after...
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    Open Server Crash caused by Refined Storage

    Summary of the problem Server Crash caused by Refined Storage Pack Version 1.5.1 What is the bug? Server crashes frequently when connected to storage drawers which has been fixed in the latest version of refined storage. THIS IS FOR FTB LITE VERSION 1.5.1 The pack version selector only goes...
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    Solved Ender Lillies Not Generating in the End DW20 1.10.2 Pack

    Thanks for that it makes sense :)
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    Solved Ender Lillies Not Generating in the End DW20 1.10.2 Pack

    I have a issue where the end will not generate any ender lillie placts. I have reset the end and regenerated it but yet no lillies at all. Is this an intended feature or a bug? Have googled a little but there is nothing that comes up for it or i am simply googling the wrong thing any help be...
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    Bug Direwolf 1.10.2 - AE2 Conflict with SpongeForge [SOLVED]

    Thanks for that your a life saver wish more people were as helpful as you :)
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    Bug Direwolf 1.10.2 - AE2 Conflict with SpongeForge [SOLVED]

    I downloaded a patched version that was linked to it but when i connect states that the version is a conflict unless i am downloading the incorrect one since the patched version is appliedenergistics2-rv4-alpha-0 but the version in the direwolf pack is appliedenergistics2-rv4-alpha-5
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    Bug Direwolf 1.10.2 - AE2 Conflict with SpongeForge [SOLVED]

    I am unable to run Direwolf20 1.10 server using sponge as it will crash on startup with the below crash errors This seems to be a known issue with Applied Energistics as if i disable that mod it loads perfectly. I found this...
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    1.10.2 mods with plugins question

    You can use sponge and their ported plugins link to sponge --
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    FTB Admin tools that may or may not exist.

    to see peoples inventories using FE is /invsee [player] this does not work if the player is offline though. As for an alternative to OPIS there is nothing out that works and now in the latest infinity releases OPIS is not even shipped due to it being broken
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    Changelogs ??

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    Changelogs ??

    was using your forum redirect in modpacks forum which takes you to this site might be a idea to fix the forum redirect you have then if its changed to prevent further confusion. Thanks for letting me know it had changed had been so used to using your forum redirect...
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    Changelogs ??

    Why are change logs not kept up to date I understand that there are times that its hard and may be delayed on releases by a couple days, but releasing multiple versions without actual documentation really? Direwolf pack is yet to have a change log for 1.5.0 but they have 2 more versions...
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    Whitelist Server NoobGamers|Infinity|1.10.1|Mature|Friendly|No Banned Items|TS3|Dedicated|24/7|PvP/PvE|UK

    Forum Name: Stuey74 (its underneath my Avator :)) Minecraft name: Bubble0seven Age: 40 Country: Australia How long have you played the modded version of minecraft? several years What do you like about modded minecraft?: I suck at building pretty thimgs so vanilla no good for me lol Have you...