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    Just noticed today is my joinday!

    So happy 1 year FTB Forum membership anniversary to me, I guess. Do I get cake?
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    Anyone else in the TUG alpha?

    It's pretty! Doesn't do much yet, but you can move and place a bunch of different terrain types and items, you can even dig tunnels, and the voxel rendering is nice.
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    In which ED has Less Metal Than Before When ED had More Metal than ED has Now

    Now to figure out what to make... (Yes I know emerald isn't a metal. I suppose I could replace it with cobalt...)
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    After about 4 failed attempts, I found a turret-based grinder design...

    which doesn't keep up with a blaze shard in the slightest :( Back to the drawing board. AGAIN. A bit crowded in here: This is where mobs spawn:
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    Does anyone else think that GregTech and RedPower threads are getting too self aware?

    I have a feeling that if we graphed the number of meta-posts vs. the number of posts in each GT or RP thread over time, we'd see a steady increase. Which is to say that there's less being said about the subject and more being said about the conversation. I'm not sure whether or not this is a...
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    Ghasts + iChun hats = wow!

    The ghasts are the tower ghasts from Twilight Forest. They're spawned with an MFR autospawner. The pack is KirinDave's Resonant Rise. I now have a LOT of gunpowder and ghast tears.
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    Energized Glowstone = BestLighting

    Apologies to folks stuck in 1.4.7.
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    What's on your desk?

    Mine has Portal stuff: Not pictured: 10 other turrets, Portal 2 "movie poster"
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    Looking for part of the forum where all these posts can be moved

    I noticed many of the latest posts in general disucssion have a similar theme, and I don't think they belong in here.
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    RP2 rant

    I'm sure a lot of people are thinking about this. We're no strangers to waiting for mod updates, sometimes even for a very long time. Love it or hate it, it happens and we have to live with it. You know the rules of how this stuff works, we just have to be patent for a while. And so eventually...
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    FTB Launcher is OP, please Nerf

    It appears that the launcher has the ability to delete my save while (needlessly) redownloading the pack. I think we can all agree that this is extremely overpowered and needs to be nerfed. (And also, I need to construct an automated backup system. Perhaps I can store my world in an enderbag?
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    The most important thing to remember while waiting for something to complete

    CLOSE THE DOOR TO YOUR HOUSE! Yeah, I was waiting for a Steve's Cart to build and I checked on my progress to find that I'd exploded and my belongings were strewn everywhere. None of my engines had exploded so I was confused as to how this had occured. Then I noticed the open door. :mad:
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    Having trouble figuring out FTB? Don't worry, it could be worse

    This is what happens when you add mods without actually learning what they do and how to use them.
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    [DW20 pack] Nifty multi-mod blaze loop

    I found it's possible to get unlimited blaze rods, without even visiting the nether. It goes like this: 1. Find a couple of cinderpods in a desert, break them to collect at least 2 blaze powder. (Thaumcraft) 2. Use a minium stone to craft the 2 blaze powder into 1 blaze rod. (Equivalent...
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    Thread that isn't about Red Power 2

    I'm not sure if there are any threads on the forum that aren't about RP2, so I figured I'd better create one on the off chance that anyone wants to discuss something else. What's that? You don't? Oh, alright then.
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    ED says G'day

    Hi folks! I've been lurking around here for a week or so and figured it's about time I join up. So, I've been playing the Magic Pack (I wanted to try out TC3 after watching some DW20) for a few days now and I'm quite enjoying it so far. I spawned on a reasonably sized island covered pretty...