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    Suggestion for Rei's Minimap...

    You would probably do better to leave the message with Rei on MCF, than to tell us here.
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    Mac Why is my game crashing?!?!?

    It's been a while since I've had a Mac, but to get to Terminal you go into your Applications folder, into Utilities and then select Terminal. After the window opens, type what was provided in Meldiron's quote - downgrading Java is likely not a solution to the issue.
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    Problem with the Launcher

    It's probably considered to be "still open" because the Java instance tends to continue running even after it has crashed. You can usually solve this by restarting (as Lawbroken suggested), logging off and back on (Switch User will not be enough), or running one of the following from the Run...
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    Anybody else experimenting with Thermal Expansion?

    I've been using Thermal Expansion since a 1.4.2-compatible version was released - for me, it was really nice because I could finally justify to myself getting rid of Industrial-Craft (it feels too bland to me). :3
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    I've played with COBOL for the sake of a historical perspective on programming, but I've never played with RPG. I don't envy anyone who had to work with either of those, honestly - I'm too in love with the syntax of C-like languages, and while I work with Assembly languages with little...
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    A day off school and free food? You bet I enjoyed it. ;3 ありがとうね、みなさん~ ^-^
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    Windows .jar Is it just me or are diamond pipes not working?

    Can you be more specific about what's happening with them? Are they just not sorting, or is it not letting you set the filters?
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    It might sound odd, but they actually kind of go hand-in-hand for me. I've always been really good at picking up on foreign languages, and that translated well into picking up programming languages (which is the focus of my studies). Thanks for the welcome. ^-^
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    The Secret World

    I played the game for a while, and was also in the beta. It got a lot better on release than it was in beta, but I haven't had the money to keep up with it, really.. I'm thinking of picking it up again after the holidays with some friends from school. It's a fun game, though a little rough...
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    Thanks, you two. ^-^ Edit: Oh, and you can all just call me Mina - it's what my friends call me. :3
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    I figure since I'm applying for a Wiki team position it might be appropriate to make an introduction - please bear with me, I'm terrible at these. :( My name's Cassy, I'm a Marine Corps veteran and currently a Computer Science student in Arizona. I've been doing game programming as a hobby for...
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