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    Open NEI Mod List missing mods

    Summary of the problem NEI Mod List missing mods Pack Version 3.0.0 What is the bug? In the inventory panel clicking NEI Subsets -> Mods brings up a handly list of mods so you can search by mods without typing them in. At least two mods are missing from this menu that are in the pack...
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    Mindcrack Long Fall Boot Problem

    So I've never had this issue before... using the latest mindcrack. I have pretty much all the missing mods that the DW20 pack has added back in as well, as well as logistic and additional pipes. Up to date java. No crash issues. So I run a server using my same config settings.... and I can't...
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    Getting Netherwart and Forestry Questions

    Alright, first post, hello all! Me and my friends are all playing on a DW20, and well, everyone has the same problem... lack of netherwart. We seem to have explored huge amounts of nether, no fortress, no wart, is there any alternative ways to make one? A single piece to get us started? Two...