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    FTB Master Configs

    #Blocks 3973: calclavia:infiniteBlock from CalclaviaCore - null from pamharvestcraft Suggested Ranges: 3771-3860 (90 IDs), 3051-3119 (69 IDs), 3392-3455 (64 IDs) Using Calclavia Core version and Pams Harvestcraft version 1.1.4 which is apparently the cinnamon
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    [64x] Soartex Fanver - Smooth and Clean FTB

    It appears that it only work with the ores but not the gems and stuff from like biomes o plenty, uranium from ic2 and apatite from forestry.
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    32x Faithful 32x32 Pack

    Those would be the rubber trees from the Mine Factory Reloaded Mod.
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    32x Faithful 32x32 Pack

    That is not a mess up that is actually how it is in the default texture pack too on how Eloraam did that texture file.
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    32x [32x] JohnSmith Technician's Remix

    Also the portal gun texture needs to be updated to the newest version. They added the pedestal to the apg texture.
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    [128x - 32x] Sphax PureBDCraft

    On the addon pack open the spoiler that gives a link to all the individual mods sphax links and it has the link to xycraft and also to the WIP for the TC3.
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    [16x] Familiar yet Different [1.6.X-1.7.X][FTB][Dead]

    Oh I see what my problem was, I was viewing it on my TV what made the colors very similar but when I did a screenshot on my monitory the difference was more noticeable, on the TV it wasn't that noticeable.
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    [16x] Familiar yet Different [1.6.X-1.7.X][FTB][Dead]

    Your infernal brick is the same color as the nether brick, you should make it a little darker than nether or make it lighter than the blast furnace brick.
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    New Mod Pack Added

    It could be how the new generation is, they are saying there are 84 iron per chunk reaching from ground level to bed rock but the new generation is suppose to be a certain layer so that might be why there is less iron, then you also got to factor in how much other ore is being generated in the...
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    [16x] Familiar yet Different [1.6.X-1.7.X][FTB][Dead]

    Morton I think you are correct because the obsidian is lighter too, because I know I have a hard time seeing the design on it on mine but its easily seen on that picture. Great TP by the way.
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    Texture Pack guide

    Advanced Solar's Advanced Solar Bottom Advanced Solar Top Advanced Solar Sides Hybrid Solar Bottom Hybrid Solar Top Hybrid Solar Side Ultimate Hybrid Bottom Ultimate Hybrid Top Ultimate Hybrid Side Quantum Generator