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    Whitelist Server OzCraft | 1.2.1 Whitelist | Mature + Experienced players (25+)

    Name: Surcostale Age: 22 Location: Finland How much you play: around 4 days week What DW20 mods are you interested in using?: All of them. Not yet sure which path I will take. What will you be doing on our server?: Not sure yet, will decide on the fly
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    Whitelist Server A very small direwolf20 1.7.10 1.0.3 server, looking for mature players

    IGN: Surcostale Age: 22 Info: Had break since 1.7 Modpacks. Started playing during mindcrack pack 1.4.7. Would love to start playing again on mature server and get back into modded MC.
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    Whitelist Server StromCraft [FTB Minecrack] FreshStart - 30ppl 18+

    1. In game Name: Surcostale 2. Skype/RazorComms Name ( Mandatory ): arttu.tuominen39 - Skype 3. Age: 20 4. Did you read the rule's ?: Yes 5. Why would you like to join?: Im looking for server to get back on mindcrack which is mature and friendly and with good rules. I liked the rules you posted...
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    Whitelist Server Infinity | 1.2.1 | Mature 18 + | Small Community

    MC Name: Surcostale Age: 20 Location: Helsinki, Finland How Long you've been playing: Cant remember month or years when ever 1.4.7 was out I started playing. Why you want to join: Looking for small mature community to play with and found this! :)
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    Whitelist Server DireWolf20 1.0.21 | small whitelist server | 6 gb ram | new Map | teamspeak

    Server dead or is it me not showing up on good times?
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    Whitelist Server DireWolf20 1.0.21 | small whitelist server | 6 gb ram | new Map | teamspeak

    When there is nobody on the server for couple of minutes, the server goes to "sleep mode" it starts up after next time someone tries to log in. This takes usually about 30seconds to 90 seconds until its back up. After that, it shows itself back up again. Just wait until it shows itself online...
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    Whitelist Server DireWolf20 1.0.21 | small whitelist server | 6 gb ram | new Map | teamspeak

    Name: Arttu Minecraft name: Surcostale Age: 19 What are you planning to do on this server?: Going to try and focus mostly on bees. Have wanted to mess around with them but dont want to feel lonely and want to join in social group of players. How Long have you been playing Minecraft FTB...
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    Whitelist Server Beast Nation FTB| [Direwolf20 (v1.0.19)] | [Whitelisted] | [Mature 18+] [New Map] [ Small Community]

    Application: Minecraft Name: Surcostale Age : 19 Where do you live : Hyvinkää, Finland Average Hours to Play (per day/week): depends about weeks as I work 5 days week but 1-3 hours per day approx.
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    Whitelist Server AxiomCraft | TheMadPack! | Whitelist | 24/7 | Plugins | Mature

    IGN:Surcostale Age: 18 Are you new to FTB? nope I have been playing for year now Why should I add you? I am social and helping person looking for good community to play with. What are you good at? Had small break from ftb so cant really say because mods have changed during the break but I would...
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    Whitelist Server Stonecraft: FTB Mindcrack-(8.3.2) - [Whitelisted]

    -IGN: Surcostale -Why you want to play on our server: My old server changed for FTB unleashed and unleashed makes my computer blue screen so sadly i cant join them and also makes me need new one. -Anything else you want to add: Hope to see you on the server and thanks for your time.
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    Whitelist Server Fusion-Craft|Mindcrack v8.3.2|Whitelist|TS3|Grief Prevention|Essentials|Multi-Verse|Keep Inventory

    Forum name: Surcostale In-Game Name: Surcostale Age: 18 Country: Finland Have you ever been banned? why?: Never. If you could be any super hero or villain who would it be and why?: I would pick Hancock. His attitude was completely different from other heroes and I liked it lots.
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    Windows .exe Crashing modpacks.

    I get this crash even I have updated my videodrivers and Java. I run game with Windows xp version 2002 x32 service pack 3, computer is Fujitsu Siemens Laptop (dont know which one) with videocard Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T5670 @ 1.80GHz. Here's the crash report: Bad video card drivers...
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    Whitelist Server l Mindcrack v8.2 l Whitelist l Essentials l Grief Prevention l HawkEye l 32 slot

    Forum name: Arttu Tuominen In-Game Name: Surcostale Age: 18 in March Country: Finland Have you played FTB before: Single Player, yes for a little. I still play many hours in a day so learning things I dont know yet will do fast. Have you ever been banned: No If so; why: - What can you bring to...
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    Whitelist Server NOM Gaming | Mature | Bukkit | PvE | Small Community | 20 Slots | Vent | Staffed

    Application: Name: Arttu Minecraft Username: Surcostale Age: 18 in March Describe your Minecraft experience: Singleplayer experience, new with mods but I play many hours in a day so that wont be problem Are you a social player?: Yes, I like to communicate and do things with people, but...
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    Whitelist Server The-Construct | Mature 16+ | v8.0.1+ | Logistic Pipes | TS3 | 20 TPS | 12GB | Protections/Anti-Grief

    IGN: Surcostale Age: 18 in March Country: Finland Have you ever been banned from a server before?: No, I havent Experience with mods?: I am pretty new but I play many hours in a day. Will you use TS3?: Yes Answer to the secret question?: Purple Do you know someone on our server? (if so, who?)...