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    Whitelist Server infiniteCraft | 16+ | FTB Unleashed 1.1.3 | Whitelist | Dedicated | TeamSpeak | No Lag | Mining age

    IGN: xXwarbanditXx Age: 16 How long have you been playing modded minecraft?: since minecraft 1.3.1 beta!! back when modding was a pain in the ass. Have you ever been banned?: no and i am not planing to get banned Do you know how to use TeamSpeak?: yes Are you youtuber? If so, what is your...
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    Whitelist Server The Red Legion's FTB Ultimate [24/7][Whitelist][Teamspeak3]

    To bad. But can't jou make a exception? Many servers are 18+ so its quite harde to find one that wiil acept my.
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    Whitelist Server The Red Legion's FTB Ultimate [24/7][Whitelist][Teamspeak3]

    - I.G.N (In game name): xXwarbanditXx - Age:15 - Reason you want to join: I am bored playing singel player so i want to joine a server. - Have you ever played with FTB Before?: I play whit mod for a long time so i know a lot about them and i can help other people. - Have you ever been banned on...
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    Got Wood? Use it!

    true but you can mine netherrack very fast so you can collect a bunch and store it.
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    The Big Bee Flowchart Compendium

    I can only see the Demonic tree.
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    Whitelist Server FTB Ultimate l White listed l 10 slots l English Server

    IGN: xXwarbanditXx Why do you want to join this server?: I became bored of singel player so i whant to play on a server. Whats you experience with FTB/Tekkit?: I know almost everything about the mods. But moste of the time i installed the mods my self What are you best at (building, mining...
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    AnyGood MMORPGS for mac?

    ok i did not know that the windows 8 is now compatible with bootcamp. But maybe you can try downloding the new software for bootcamp somewhere else.
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    What does YOUR Power Room look like?

    there are range upgrades. the bigest one is a emerald upgrade it exend the range white 11 block on every side
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    AnyGood MMORPGS for mac?

    I use windows 7 and windows 8 is not compatible with bootcamp yet. This is a guilde for bootcamp mabye that can help. Good luck.
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    Whitelist Server CrazyCraft - Ultimate - White list - No Banned Items 24/7 - Keep items on death

    In-Game Name: xXwarbanditXx Age: 15 Country: Netherlands Time Zone: GMT + 1 How often will you play? almost every day Skype? yes Have you ever been banned? Why? no
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    AnyGood MMORPGS for mac?

    I play on a mac to. But you can use bootcampe to instal windows on your mac. So you can switch between mac and windows
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    Advanced tree farm

    If i remember correctly a MFR haverster whit a emerald upgrade got a range of 23x23 blocks and you cant make the forestry haverster any more it is removerd.
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    Got Wood? Use it!

    If you use netherrack it coste only 12000 joules for each lava. 13600/12000= 1,1333 lava for each charcoal. 1,1333 * 30000 eu = 33.999 eu/Charcoal
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    Advanced tree farm

    looks intresting but i rather use the minefactory reloded tree farm.
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    Whitelist Server UnholyCraft |Ultimate FTB Server.Whitelist. Nothing Banned! Mature Only. Hard mode

    Age 15 IGN xXwarbanditXxTime Zone GMT +1 hourHow often will you play: Almost daily Why do you want to join: I was bored in singel player so i want to play on a server this one looks interestingWhat are you good at: Everything i play with al the mods of ftb long before it became a mod pack so i...