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    Whitelist Server Metafinity |Whitelist | 24/7

    Hey there! My IGN is 1RobotChicken, I'm 24 yo and I'm from Brazil! I played in a modded server before - for about six months - but the server was taken down and I couldn't find any other server I enjoyed as much as that. I'm hoping this is what I was looking for! :D I am always very friendly and...
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    Whitelist Server Directorate - Small Server | Monster 1.1.1 | Whitelisted | ATG generation! | BM & Graves

    hi! I'm 1RobotChicken and I'm looking to get back to Monster in a nice server :)
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    Whitelist Server FTB Monster 1.1.1/Private/New World/Whitelist/18+

    IGN: 1RobotChicken Age: 23 Experience with the mods: More than 2 years playing myself and watching videos. Skype: FSchipiura Strengths(building, redstone, machines, etc): Machinery How much time do you play a day/week: Everyday 2 to 4 hours
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    Whitelist Server FTB Monster Elektribeasts 1.1.1 no banned items !

    hello there, can I get myself whitelisted please? :) My IGN is 1RobotChicken Thank you! :D
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    Whitelist Server justaserver|Monster 1.11|White list

    in-game name: 1RobotChicken Age: 22 Which country are you from: Brazil
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    Whitelist Server Private Server | Monster 1.1.1 | White-List | Mature | PvE | No Mod Restrictions/Items Banned

    Hey hey! :D I really want to be accepted in the server. My IGN is 1RobotChicken and I'm 22. I have moderate/high experience with moded and vanilla minecraft.