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    Whitelist Server Land of the Ghast | Direwolf20 | 1.6.4 | 1.0.21 | White List

    Username: Alien7107 Age: 16 Playtime average per week: 75+ Hours, on my computer at least, some of that will be put to this server if i get white listed. Recording: Nah Teamspeak: I don't but i can if need be Why should I whitelist you and what do you plan on doing on the server?: You should...
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    Private Pack Feed the Machine | 1.7.1 | Custom ModPack | Mature 17+ | Online and stable!

    Age: 19 IGN : Alien7107 Experience with the modpack: I know nearly all of the mods very well. Previous Minecraft experience: been playing since alpha How well do you know linux? nearly none Java or HTML experience? very little but i know most of the basics
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    CheeseMonkey's MindCrack Server [1.4.6 MindCrack][White List]

    Age: 17 Skype: Alien7107 Why you want join: I Need A Community To Enjoy This Modpack With And This Seems Like The Place To Do It. Oh and btw i play LoL too
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    MineMadness | [Direwolf20][1.4.6][Dedicated]| Whitelisted | Full Survival |English and French|Mature

    Your Age: 17 IGN: Alien7107 Your Experience With The Modpack: I Am Very Familiar With The Mods In This Modpack. For How Long Have You Been Playing Minecraft in General: Roughly About 2 Years Why would you want to join our server: I'm Looking For a Community To Enjoy This Wonderful Modpack With...