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    diamond drill charging

    I was just wondering, because I want to use he Diamond drill with power armor, but what i want to know is if youcan charge your diamond drill with your power armor suit. otherwise i will have to find an other solution...
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    computercraft program not working

    im making a pogram that opens a menu where you can choose to close or open a bridge(more can be added) but it says startup:106: attempt to call table the code: pastebin:
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    Computercraft Improved Melon Farm

    This is my improved and more automated version of my last melon farm. this program allows you to start you melon farming with one command and they will bring it back to the starting position too! last melon farm: length =...
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    computercraft turtle not working

    i made a turtle program to farm melon, the simple non-improved version is her: now i want to improve the design to refuel before it starts and check how much fuel it has left and the amount of fuel in the slot(1). i fixed a...
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    computercraft melon farm

    this farm i made is fairly simplistic. length = 7 width = 23 1-> bottom Layer: the outlines and wood can be made from every block you want 2-> 2nd Layer: plant the melon seeds on the waterside and a chest to the far left(if you look at the farm) 3-> 3th layer: just add the turtle on...
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    computercraft menu issue

    i have made a menu. with the lead of it isn't completely finished, what i have to add it only what the different options do, but when i try to run it it says: Menu:3: attempt to call nil all of the code(as far as i am): already thank for looking at this
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    Solved Adding Thermal Expansion to TechWorld Server

    I want to start a privatd server for friend on the new pack TechWorld, Because TechWorld doesn't have Thermal Expansion I'm wondering if it is possible to add and if "Yes": How? Already thanks for maybe trying