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    Whitelist Server Infinity Casual Server | Youtube Recording| Teamspeak| PVE

    MC name: _derlYn_ Age: 29 What is your modded MC experience: playing modded since 1.4.1 What makes you want to join us: well iam looking for an mature, calm community to play mc together. I hope that u are the right guys :P Why should I pick you and not some hobo off the street: i guess its a...
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    Whitelist Server NoobGamers|Infinity|1.10.1|Mature|Friendly|No Banned Items|TS3|Dedicated|24/7|PvP/PvE|UK

    What do you mean with "not paid" ? Of cause i bought my mc acc, a long time ago, for 15€ ( or was it 10€, iam not sure. As i said its a while ago ). Is there maybe something wrong?
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    Whitelist Server NoobGamers|Infinity|1.10.1|Mature|Friendly|No Banned Items|TS3|Dedicated|24/7|PvP/PvE|UK

    Forum Name: derlYn Minecraft name: _derlYn_ Age: 29 Country: Germany How long have you played the modded version of minecraft? since MC 1.4.1 What do you like about modded minecraft?: i like to play around with technical mods and iam trying to mash them together in usefullways :P Have you been...
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    Whitelist Server A very small direwolf20 1.7.10 1.0.3 server, looking for mature players

    IGN: _derlYn_ age: 28 Hey, since the release of the dire 1.7.10 pack the secound server i played on went offline. since i dont want to continue this trend iam looking for a "long-lasting" server. maybee this is the one ? iam playing ftb since a long time now, and still enjoy it. i like to build...
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    Whitelist Server Nightfury's Direwolf 1.7 1.01 EU Server|Towny|Essentials|LWC BETA SERVER!

    hey guys, is placed a openblocks skyblock ... DONT DO IT !!! your game will crash as long as u are in the area! (it seems as soon as the block gets renderd ) so i cant log in to remove it. Dont go near my base, it will my crash u too! Night, can u contact me somehow to figure out how to get rid...
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    Whitelist Server Nightfury's Direwolf 1.7 1.01 EU Server|Towny|Essentials|LWC BETA SERVER!

    IGN: _derlYn_ age: 28 from germany yeah well would like to join also :P about the server: isnt 4gb ram too little? whats your max player count?
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    Whitelist Server CLOSED FOR NOW THANK YOU

    IGN: _derlYn_ Age: 28 How long have you been playing minecraft/FTB packs:for a realy long time now, since ftb 1.4.2 ( ? ) :P Why do you want to join THIS server: well iam searching for a smale but decent activ community, to simply have fun in crazy build or just hanging around to have a good...
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    Whitelist Server Oden Skyland | DW20 .23 | Whitelisted | Mature | Towny Plugin | Floating Islands

    sry guys, we did some work on the server files to solve some problems, it will soon up again.
  9. D Pack: DireWolf20 Server Type: Whitelost
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    Whitelist Server Oden Skyland | DW20 .23 | Whitelisted | Mature | Towny Plugin | Floating Islands

    Change log: 24.04.2014: - Updated to 1.0.20 28.04.2014: - Updated to 1.0.21 29.04.2014: - Fixed a permgen issue causing crashes - Added economy to the server: Added buying and selling of items. - Fixed permission system you can now do some new commands: Tpa, sethome, /home, etc - Few things...
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    Whitelist Server Casual Miners | Ultimate 1.1.2 | Whitelisted | Mature EU players | Fresh start

    Hey :D - IGN: _derlYn_ - Age: 27 - Location: Germany - Minecraft, Tekkit & FTB experience: gregs "Endgame", also standart MJ/EU production ( biofuel, solar, nuclear, fusion, steam, mffs ... ) played a lot around with the other mods also - Why are you interested: well, i would like to play...
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    Whitelist Server Speed the Beast // Ultimate 1.1.2 // Whitelist // 18+

    Age - 27 IGN - _derlYn_ Skype - wount post it here in the forum ... What's your favourite mod and why? hmm all the mods that i still havnt jused? its gonna be an adventure :p dude thats a hard question, the smale mods like BiblioCraft, Equivalent Exchange, NEI ... without them ftb would be like...
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    Whitelist Server League of Nonames [Ultimate FTB]

    some more informations about the server would be cool. hardware, server location, max player ... In Game Name: _derlYn_ Do you understand and agree with the rules stated above: yep If you have been banned before please share your side of the story (we do check for previous bans): nope Why do...
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    I'm looking for a private server with mature players

    hey, iam looking for some people to play together too. so would be cool if u can let me know if there is something goinig on :P about me: iam a student fromg germany, and ive been playing for a while ftb.