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    Greylist Server CraftBeast|DW20 Pack|Whitelist|24/7|New Server!|50 Slots! |Nice Community|For Experienced and New

    In-Game Username: d1red Age: 19 Have you ever been banned from any type of Minecraft server?: no never If Yes, why? How often can you play?: several hours a day at peak activity What is the secret word?: sponges Vanilla Minecraft Experience?: played vanilla for about a year up...
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    Haven Gaming FTB [FTB Pack A, 1.4.2] [White List] [Survival]

    Minecraft username:d1red Age:19 Timezone:GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time) Some things you have built on minecraft? not much few attempts at building Rapture from the Bioshock games Have you griefed, hacked, etc?: never Do you have or have had any Moderator/Admin experience?:no Have you ever...