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    Official FTB seed thread.

    Modpack Direwolf20 1.7.1 Generation Type: Biome's O'Plenty Or however you spell it. Not sure if it matters for the seed, but I am playing the 64-bit version but I am pretty sure its required to even activate the modpack. Seed number :228857586 List of things of note, Many large villages...
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    Need help with wisp spawner

    I found three of them right next to one and other, and two duel witch Spawers and a load of big villages, I got a portal gun from a temple and even found a division sigil in one of the blacksmith or other chests laying about. But the biggest thing I found, well exploring was in fact 3 whisp...
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    1.0.0: Collusus TNT

    I should also mostly point out I had been morphed into a bat when I activated him, so as to allow you to know the full steps of what may or may not have helped to glitch it to the TNT bug and other issues.
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    1.0.0: Collusus TNT

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: The version I am unsure on, its in the current 1.5 Direwolf pack, I activated the Collusus without first removing the blocks around him broke the block on his face and then could not interact with him, So I then went into cheat mode to try and remove it. Or...