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    Whitelist Server CoolTimeServer|Monster|1.1.2|Whitelist|18+|Blood Magic|4GB| No Banned Items

    IGN: HyperCookieHD Age: 15 (Im mature not some whiny kid) Activeness: Usually for about 6 hours when I get home from school on weekdays but on weekends I can play for like 12 hours Location: UK
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    Whitelist Server Closed :(|FTB Horizons Server|White-List|Teamwork|No-Plugins|Small Town|1.0.10

    IGN: HyperCookieHD Age(Optional): 14 (15 in 3 months) First Thing you Would Build: Huge mansion or house for people to live in with each other Why you want to join: Because i need a good server which is whitelisted and i want to work in a team with some people Do you understand the rules: Yes i...
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    Whitelist Server DeathCraft|V 1.1.3|Whitelist|FTB Unleashed Server

    Age: 14 (Im very mature) Minecraft Username: HyperCookieHD Why do you want to play?: Need a good whitelist server that is very quiet and mature Have you ever been an admin on a server?: Yeah Only one server though What server?: It was one i ran on my own until i ran out of money to keep hosting...
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    Whitelist Server Mindcrack FTB Fan Sever|New|Mindcrack|Whitelisted|Community|8.3.2|24/7

    Name: Harry IGN: HyperCookieHD Age: 14 Location: United Kingdom How many hours do you play a day/week: About 12 Hours a day apart from school days which are like 5 hours Experience with FTB: I have played Feed the beast alot and have learnt alot from it and before feed the beast i used to play...
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    Anyone got good seeds for DW20 Pack?

    Hey people I've been looking around and i just cant find a good seed for the DW20 Pack i would preferably like to have a desert and a good hills biome near each other and i don't particularly care if there's any dungeons or villages near neither. So if you have any good seeds that are like what...
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    How do i use logistics pipes?

    Just Comes up with Project Logistics Pipes MC 1.4.5 When i click the download link in the description for it.
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    How do i use logistics pipes?

    Could i have the link to it because i cant seem to find it :l
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    How do i use logistics pipes?

    Err thanks where can i find logistics pipes for 1.4.2?
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    How do i use logistics pipes?

    How can i use logistics pipes to sort my stuff into chests and make it retrieve stuff for me? Thanks, HyperCookieHD
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    Need some inspiration to play FTB Singleplayer

    Thanks for the suggestions i have took these into consideration and i have adapted my ways without cheat mode :D
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    Need some inspiration to play FTB Singleplayer

    Really need some inspiration to play FTB Singleplayer because every time i play i usually cheat in because i get bored after time could anyone tell me what i could do to give me some inspiration to play singleplayer FTB?
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    Feed the Beast smp server UK

    Ingame Name: HyperCookieHD Age: 13 Experience with Mods: Alot Played T3kkit before FTB Came out and alot of FTB when it did and i know alot of the mods Able to join skype calls or mumble server: I Can get mumble if you need me to and i have a skype account. Time you will be playing each day...
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    Cant Install optifine onto FTB Beta pack using Multi MC

    Oh man What the i generate a world and this happens Minecraft has crashed! ---------------------- Minecraft has stopped running because it encountered a problem; Unexpected error This error has been saved to C:\Documents and Settings\harry\Desktop\Multi MC...
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    Cant Install optifine onto FTB Beta pack using Multi MC

    I Used that install guide to install Optifine onto the ftb pack using multimc but all i get is a error :( Error Log: Please tell me how i can fix it :(