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    Closed 2.5.3: Everyone is spawing on the same tree in server

    Version: 2.5.3 What is the bug: just started this server, and when everyone joins, they spawn on the same tree..... i thought you were supposed to get your own island. what do i need to do? Mod & Version: log: Can it be repeated: Known Fix:
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    Open Server Cousins Clan - Horrizons - 2.1.0 - Open - Unlimited RAM, USERS & STORAGE.

    No PVP, No Griefing, No Blacklist (may change if the need arises) Perk Ranks Available! Click here! After you install the launcher 1) - Launch the game(HORIZONS 2.1.0) and let the files Download 2) - When you see the MOJANG Screen, Stop the loading OR wait on it to finish 3) - then go back to...