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    Thaumcraft 4 help

    Hey guys didnt know where I can put this but im on 1.6.4 monster and the newest thaumcraft and im having trouble with my alchemy. I have set up a alchemy furnace with 4 arcane alchembic on top with essentia tubes coming out of them into warded jars. But the essentia doesn't seem to be leaving...
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    LAN server

    Hey guys im just wondering if their is a problem with lan servers, as I have created a lan server and when my friend tries to join it says connection timed. Can anyone help me please.
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    Force Log

    What version for ftb unleashed can I make Force sticks because on the newer versions I put force logs in and get oak barricades not force sticks. Need some help
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    Game Crashing

    Hi im having a problem with my feed the beast unleashed I log on and everything is okay and start playing like normal then after a few minutes it decides to crash and close down the console and the page. It says just before there is a Bug but i dont know. Could someone help me please.
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    house design

    Hi guys im new to ftb but im just wondering if anyone will give me a few designs for house in water land anywhere. If possible a picture or list of materials Thanks