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    Mobfarm SF3

    Im playing sky factory 3 and I've build a mobfarm pushing the mobs to a mobmasher with vector plates But the spiders keep climbing the wall avoiding the grinder Any good ideas on how to make them stay on the ground ? Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk
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    Replacement for tinkers pick ?

    So I've been using my pick for quite a while now along with some other tools from tinkers But my game crashes a lot whenever I open up certain machines interface (tesseract especially) So I'd like a replacement Best would be an all mining tool like the ic2 drill but as far as I know there's no...
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    Funky locomotion crashing

    Every time my frame quarry moves my server is forced to restart What did I do wrong ? java.lang.NullPointerException: Exception in server tick loop at com.rwtema.funkylocomotion.movers.MoveManager.startMoving( at...
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    Eternal day age

    Simple thing I want to create an eternal day world for my solar panels to live in with rftools in 1.7 What would be the dimlets in order I need ? I don't have a lot of dimlets so keep it simple Don't really care what the world looks like as long as it's always day and sun Thanks in advance...
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    Ae2 issue

    I have patterns setup to autocraft the top tier solar panel from solar flux If I request 2 of the second highest tier panel it starts crafting but my ae system starts flickering on and off taking 2 years to craft Why is that happening / how can I solve this ? It's not a power issue I have ~25k...
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    Frame quarry

    I saw direwolf20 build an awesome frame quarry in his let's play But he never made a tutorial on it Is there someone who made a video explaining it ? Thanks in advance Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk
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    I'm tired of placing and carrying torches all the time I know of the sigil of the blood lamp to create a light but I haven't gotten into BM at all Is there anything similar from botania? If not - from other mods? I'm playing infinity 1.7 Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk
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    Bug Ftb chunkloading Not working

    Im playing infinity 1.7 Version 2.6.0 on a Server And I can click on the Map to claim and load chunks but it's Not working None of the chunks are loaded Any ideas on a fix? EDIT: my server disabled chunkloading in the config for some reason Working now Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit...
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    Im playing infinity 1.7.10 and I have a ton of resources but almost no Gold Any easier way to farm gold then pigmen spawner? Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk
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    Refined storage 1.7?

    After playing Infinity evolved for a bit im getting to the point where i Might wanna Start with ae I saw rs for 1.10 and liked it a Lot for not being as complicated as ae2 Is there anything like rs i can Use for 1.7.10? Gesendet von meinem D6603 mit Tapatalk
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    Bee breeding insanity

    Since ftb expert mode forced me to not just go for gendustry right off i have to Take the painful forestry Route of bee breeding now and pretty fast realized i Dont unterstand the whole thing Biggest question is the whole pure breeding matter If anyone could explain that to for noobs i'd very...
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    Logistic pipes / storage drawer bug

    Playing Version 2.4.1 of infinity expert Mode I have a drawer Controller connected to a bunch of drawers and a logistic System Setup to store and acces Stuff But once the drawers are Full with void Upgrades installed the System skips the Controller and fills up my default Route chest Anyone...
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    Infinity hardmode Power gen Halp!

    Im Playing on version 2.4.1 of the pack and have agricraft crops for all ores so plenty of resources Have a logistic System kinda Setup and running It with 2 water wheels and 6 culinary Gens running off beef Wellington I need at least 1500 rf/t to maintain my base so what easy to Setup Power...
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    Ftb infinity golden apple

    What config disables Crafting of golden Apples? Using Version 2.3.5 of the pack
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    Infinity creosoite oil

    If i produce creosoite oil in railcrafts Coke oven to make Tracks and pull It out with a bottle It only gives me the immersive Engineering creosoite bottle which Cant be used to craft railbeds Had to cheat It in Is there a way to get the railcraft one? Gesendet von meinem D6603 mit Tapatalk
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    Is there anything i can Do to no longer See the crap.the guy is Posting? Gesendet von meinem D6603 mit Tapatalk
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    Hardcore questing pack

    What do you think are the Best Hardcore survival packs for 1.7? Gesendet von meinem D6603 mit Tapatalk
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    Halp :-(

    For a couple days now if i Try to connect to my Server running Dw20 1.7 Version 1.6.1 after a while of logging in i get a timed out error all the time Launcher console tells me its an exception related to rftools but removing It changed nothing Anyone Had that / has a fix for that? Gesendet...
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    Request Resonant rise 3

    Know is is a ftb Forum but i have to ask Ive Seen There are a couple Different modes or Sub packs can anyone Tell me whats the difference between these and which one is the Best / biggest pack to play? Thanks a Lot! Gesendet von meinem D6603 mit Tapatalk
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    Request Direwolf20s reactor Code

    So im using dw20s reactor program Producing a stable 21k rf but running out of Power even with nether Star Backup So what i want is that i can Use 2 turbines with that Code can someone do this? Dire himself told me He might change that one time.. Gesendet von meinem D6603 mit Tapatalk