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    ftb and java 8

    so i was wondering for a while FTB didn't support use of java 8 and i was wondering is that fixed? cus some of the updates java 8 has would be very useful.
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    the point of Gregtech picks

    so i started playing FTB resurrection and i was wondering is there actually a point to the lower end Gregtech picks, they take more resources to make and seem to be just as useful as vanilla pick. Do they have more durability? can they be easily repaired? are they anything other then a harder...
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    barrels (and not from factorization)

    im using the direwolf20 pack and i've notice in NEI there is a liquid storage item by the name of the barrel. i can craft them but i have no idea what they do or even which mod adds them.
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    so i wanted to make a mod

    so i wanted to start learning to code with java and i thought "what am i going to need?" i have an 1 edition back java for dummies book i borrowed. i was wondering is i know i need jave JRE which is already installed but i also need a IDE for java, i believe but i don't know where to get it. any...
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    tinkers construct steel

    can you make steel with TC? or do you just use steel from railcraft. i see a different steel block in NEI from the railcraft one so i was wondering but i can't seem to find out how.
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    Windows .jar game crashes while using 5.2 of direwolf20 pack listed above is the crash log i just downloaded the new pack fresh and it crashes as soon as i go to load it.
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    crashing once i entered the nether

    so im using direwolf20 5.1.1 pack i updated alot of the mods myself and just recently my game has been crashing when i enter the nether.
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    disabling parts of RP world gen.

    while i love RP2 the problem is that the marble and basalt world gen cause a massive drop in performance and was wondering if i could disable just those two as i need the other world gen. thanks in advance.
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    villager breeding what am i doing wrong?

    ok so i have an large house with lots of doors and some villagers and they are not breeding any idea what im doing wrong? heres a screeny. PS how do i hide picture.
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    extracting from chests

    i was wondering what is the fastest and least maintenance way to extract items from a chest using buildcraft? and before you say use a filter/transposer i want to use buildcraft not redpower. redstone engines dont seem to cut is as im trying to get items out of chests behind my turtles. i am...
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    direwolf 20 pack brain in a jar not picking up EXP.

    title says it all after updating my V4 pack to V5 the brains in a jar stopped collecting EXP from my mob farms. nvm, turns out after looking at the change log jars are capped at 1000XP each so no they are working right.
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    just how much performance does modded minecraft require?

    heres the deal i have a nvidia 550ti 1g DDR3 GPU, 8gigs of 1600 hrtz ram, and a 3.1 i-5 E2400 quadcore processor plus a 7200RPM 1.5 terabyte harddrive and windows 7 ultimate. and im still getting 24 frames in my base. just how much do some of these mods take to run? PS: im using the direwolf...
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    auto mass fad(DW20 pack)

    im looking for a way to set up my mass fab so that it will only run if it received scrap from my recycler i have tried gates but they seem to be bugged and dont work with the mass fab, anyone have any ideas on how i can set it up?
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    cannot update to V5 DW20 pack from V4 DW20 pack

    i found out that i can download the V5 of the DW 20 pack but sadly everytime i loadup my V4 world the screen just says. "building terrain" when loading world and then locks up. anyway i can fix this or is waiting for the official release a better idea?
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    making an auto EXP farm help

    so i was wondering, i wanted to make an auto exp farm by auto killing mobs and storing the EXP in a brain in a jar. but i cant figure out a good way to kill them and get exp. i know using fire will only get drops, and same with falling and drowning. i know turtles can kill them and collect drops...
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    steel tools help

    ok so ive looked and i cant find it anywhere, what is the durabilty of steel tools and armour, compared to diamond? ive looked on google and forums posts and found out nothing. even the railcraft wiki says nothing about it.
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    RP 2 copper height spawn.

    what level does redpower 2 copper and tin spawn? im mining alont lvl 10-14 and i have literally found nothing(in terms of copper and tin) does it only spawn high up?
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    1.4.5 version of FTB server

    i was just wondering is there a way to get a 1.4.5 version of FTB or do i have to wait for the mod pack to update? the server pack is vary nicely packed and has option over the reg server so i was just wondering.