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    Grinders & Wither Heads

    Do skeleton withers from an autospawner give heads when being killed by a grinder? Have one going now.
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    Lucky block modded config

    Have an issue with lucky blocks. Added it into my own modpack however I took the .jar from another modpack the madpack and the blocks still give vanilla items. Anyone know how to either get the copied version to work, or how to get the modded jar to work?
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    Nei acts up a lot

    It won't search what I type in the bar after hitting enter. Anyone else get this a lot and know how to fix?
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    How to make UUM?

    Have a mass fab running right now producing the liquid but how do I get into solid form?
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    Horrible lag in tech world 2?

    I've added mekanism and the addons and atomic science and I updated big reactors. Everytime I go into my world it get hits hit with horrible lag dropping fps to 0 then after 4 seconds the fps goes to like 6 for 2 seconds then 0. I have 2gb of ram allocated and it's only using 50%. The console...
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    How to install Engineer's modules?

    Alright I'm a scrub when it comes to Engineer's toolbox but I can't figure out how to install the advanced power storage upgrade to my resonant ender cell. The upgrade that adds 10m RF storage capicity. I tried googling it couldn't find anything. Can someone explain?
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    Power gen with Pink generators

    I'm using a breeder rancher setup with sheep but it takes too long. I tried using a harvester planter but the planter wouldn't plant and the harvester wouldn't harvest the trees either. Need help with faster sheep wool spawn or need help with the harvester planter setup thanks.
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    Windows .exe Error extracting natives: Unexpected end of ZLIB input stream

    Every time I start a modpack except unleashed this pops up and crashes and yes I gave it more ram.