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    disconnect when joining server That's whats left in from the server
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    disconnect when joining server this is my client log
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    disconnect when joining server

    thats the server log fyi
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    disconnect when joining server

    Title disconnect when joining server Launcher Type Curse App Modpack Hermitpack Modpack version 1.4.0 Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file cliënt: Server: Details of the issue [INFO] HawkEyeNL lost connection...
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    Solved FTB Hermitpack - Fragnet

    had my friend fix it thanks for helping anyway!
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    Solved FTB Hermitpack - Fragnet

    i do have an option that gives me server type: official craftbukkit spigot Cauldron mcpc+ tekkit tekkitlite forgemod bungeecord project rainbow it has an instal button next to it
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    Solved FTB Hermitpack - Fragnet

    yes i did run the ftbinstall file and select the jar file mcmyadmin?
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    Solved FTB Hermitpack - Fragnet

    What OS are you running? I have no idea since we rent the server from fragnet Are you using minecraft hosting provider or a dedicated/local server not designed for minecraft? It's a mincraft hosting provider Designed for minecraft What version of FTB are you using? (Dont just say latest tell...
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    Casual Server FTB Infinity Evolved 2.6 (Invite Only)

    Stick together when we get in? :P
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    Casual Server FTB Infinity Evolved 2.6 (Invite Only)

    Hey id Love to get in to, IGN:HawkNL Age: 21
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    Whitelist Server Infinity Casual Server | Youtube Recording| Teamspeak| PVE

    MC name: HawkNL Age: 21 (march 23) What is your modded MC experience: playing it since 1.6.4 What makes you want to join us: looking for a fun but rather small group to play along Why should I pick you and not some hobo off the street: atleast i've got a pc ;) I understand you guys are new to...
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    LFG *Infinity Evolved(EXPERT)* server 2-5 people

    Hey there we got an active community running with 3 really hardcore players. And 5 normal casual players. Were all22+ so you might like that. We only ask our people to be active on discord our VoIP, you don't have to talk but you have to be able to listen and respond in game. And of course...
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    Request Nice Community Servers that are Light on frames

    Hey I got a server running just fine pm me if you're interested Verstuurd vanaf mijn A0001 met Tapatalk
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    Looking for a group

    Hey we got a server running with 8 peeps on most of the time. We use discord to talk message and voice. And the server is linked to it so you van talk to peeps in and out game. Im currently going to rebuild my base and i got loads of stuff done just need to find a place build and place...
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    [1.7.10] Ultimate Questpack [WIP][800+ Quests][HQM][OpenWorld]

    Hey what about going 3 people [emoji14] Verstuurd vanaf mijn A0001 met Tapatalk
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    [1.7.10] The Ferret Business [WIP][BQ + HQM, 500+ Quests][v 0.2.6]

    does anyone here has a server for this pack? id love to join up
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    [1.7.10] The Ferret Business [WIP][BQ + HQM, 500+ Quests][v 0.2.6]

    Estimated amount of current quests? Verstuurd vanaf mijn A0001 met Tapatalk
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    What would you do to the poster above you?

    Joins the hunt Verstuurd vanaf mijn A0001 met Tapatalk
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    Whitelist Server KoozCraft [Community-based] | [PvE] | [18+] | [Dedicated Server] | [Fresh Map]

    MC Username: HawkeyeNL Skype ID: rene.honsbeekiejj Age (18+): 20 Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): Full metal tech :D Experience with mods: about a year before ftb started About Yourself: i'm a lifeguard so i'm playing nights mostly, i hope to find a great community, and i'm going to try and build...