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    Would you play a pack that has greg tech in it?

    You can have GT in there but pull the teeth out to make it more in line with more casual mod packs. Think about the entire mod experience and what you want to allow individuals to be able to accomplish first. Then let those goals choose mods and configurations for you. People will play well...
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    Flux Upgrade in TiCo

    In 1.6.4 TiC doesnt give me different amounts of RF if I use a stronger or weaker flux capacitor.
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    Poll: RFTools Dimension Builder Penalties

    Especially important for mod intereaction. Some stuff is more unbalanced in different packs. How about page for creating a void level with a single dungeon that generates around you at the start. This way you can have high reward pages, but you still have to work for them. Also give you the...
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    Srv Local User Authentication

    What mods have you used for having local authentication for your servers? I took a look around the webs for a mod to authentication users locally on my 1.6.4 server and I only found one. I dont know how stable it is so I wanted to hear what experiences you all have had. I currently keep my...
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    Skele's Derp-tastic World Of Wonders

    I really need a lighting/shading mod in my game *sigh*
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    Skele's Derp-tastic World Of Wonders

    Do you ever align your base such as to see the sun throughout the day? Most of the bases I make are bisected at least to allow me to see stand in a spot and see exactly where the sun is even when I'm three floors down.
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    Skele's Derp-tastic World Of Wonders

    I like when I am first starting out. I always enjoy sun lit grass floors.
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    Wimps and wussies (accordind to configs) unite!

    I have a dungeons mod that gives me towers to find with starter gear. The idea of the mod is to start with whats at the top of the tower and fight your way down upgrading as you go.
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    1.6.4 My Ivory Tower

    Whenever I've used cobble it was to simulate grout work on large walls where the bricks were a 3x3x5 or 5x5x8 block of stone. Gives a look of heft to my walls that I dig.
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    Wimps and wussies (accordind to configs) unite!

    It still surprises me people lose things to creepers. I tend to make sure the whole area around my base is well lit. Sometimes to the point I dont see endermen when it rains. Now that I have access to magnum torches, I dont ever see mobs unless they are in a farm.
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    trouble pumping lava

    It is true they can input from the top and bottom. That's what input mode does. I know this because I used to use them for backup fuel storage. Could just whack them with a wrench to kickstart my boilers.
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    No villages or dungeons?

    If you have a terrain generator in the mod pack, sometimes the biomes in that mod have config settings to disable village spawns in them.
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    moments you realize you majorly overkilled

    Funny, my AE system idles at 400 MJ/t and 700 MJ/t if the MAC is connected. I changed the configs to require four times more power to push AE into a late game thing. Run the whole base off an ender lilly farm currently.
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    1.6.4 My Ivory Tower

    Personally I would add four smaller spires that are suspended from the corners of that belt you have wrapped around the middle. Be a good place for storage and simple processing.
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    I've been trying very hard not to make squares. The main building is a portion of a semi circle, like 1/64th. Thankfully I got worldedit on there just long enough to get a few ovals to use as a guide. Actually beefed the walls up to 5 blocks deep so it would be more imposing. Still need to do...
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    Should I remake this thread? I feel like its kind've crapped up. I can also add my previous home to the post if anyone is interested. It is a real step up from lamesauce. One might even call it craptastic!
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    Sorry was wasted... thanks for the assist. I do some of my best work sauced, but at some point I thought "Hey you know who would like this?" Kinda wish I could edit the original post. Btw how did you get the images coming up as actual images instead of links? I will have updates eventually.
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    Bug Enderthermic pump not working?

    Can we see the tesseract configs as well as the input side of the tesseract if there still are problems?
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    MFR focus

    Cyan gives you the best output. Yellow has too many other options besides yellorium. You also get certus quartz with that focus.
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    moments you realize you majorly overkilled

    Did this in 1.4.7 mindcrack pack. Overlapped four fusion reactors and got all my rubies for chrome from bees. Quite the sight. EDIT: Oh yea and when I turned on the fuel generation for those four fusion reactors it crashed the server. Didnt account for the 600+ ticking entities I made in my...