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  1. Saereth

    Open Client crashes from Botania Mana Bursts

    Summary of the problem Client crashes from Botania Mana Bursts Pack Version 1.0.1 What is the bug? When a mana burst happens, everyone in the area crashes. This has happened to half a dozen people on our fresh server (less than 24 hours old.) so far all setups involve endoflames with a...
  2. Saereth

    Open 1.0.4: Rftools Dimensional Shards Uncraftable?

    We got this by trading with villagers
  3. Saereth

    Closed 1.0.4: AE2 issues

    Version: 1.0.4 What is the bug: First of all, the wrench is consumed if used in autocrafting. This one has gotten 2 players already on our server and I expect it will get more, especially for energy cells etc. Secondly NEI integration seems a bit off. For example, if I shift click the ? in...
  4. Saereth

    [1.7.10] AgriCraft

    Is it possible to disable certain crops? For instance if I wanted to retain vanilla growth mechanics for netherwart specifically?
  5. Saereth

    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    managing the loss wasn't particularly an issue, the conversion to current is very straight forward the way you've done it. The issue I was presenting was the fact that -any- loss means the difference of your wind turbine [for example] being able to run a grinder or not, with no exception. The...
  6. Saereth

    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    Whoa... did not expect that kind of defensiveness, let me try and keep this calm for a second, It can't be done, that's fine thank you for your response. I was referring to the fuel enhancer, sorry, but the solution I discussed is here; On this I a merely relaying a...
  7. Saereth

    [0.12.0] 1.7.10: Technomancy Discussion Thread

    The wrench this would be a cool focus, especially if it supported lossless mode for a vis cost :P I Like where this mod is going, gonna have to get it going and help test later today, any though of adding integration with applied energistics for some essentia storing? :P
  8. Saereth

    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    ^This would be perfect, same for the compactor. If I want to have my machine 3 floors under me and have it craft 20 magnets I would like to be able to send 80 lodestone to it and have it go, instead it will all dump into the first and second slot. Having it auto distribute would be preferable...
  9. Saereth

    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    Lol autocorrect, so tricksy :p As far as the graphical glitch this is what we're seeing (not just me, all of us) Soartek Texture pack + Optifine Default textures + Optifine Removed The issue exists regardless of the presence of optifine (was suggested as an issue elsewhere) and with...
  10. Saereth

    Mod Feedback [By Request] RotaryCraft Suggestions

    I understand this may be purely personal preference but after running Roc/RC/EC for sometime in our server we're coming across a consistent comments that I would like to pass along. You are of course completely within your rights to entirely disregard said comments :p 1. Lubrication seems...