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    [1.7.10][LISTED] InfiTech 2 Modpack v3.2.21 [HQM][GregTech balanced hard-mode modpack]

    doesn't gregtech have its own 'semifluid generator' you could use/configure to use the same recipes? Also thanks for the info.
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    [1.7.10][LISTED] InfiTech 2 Modpack v3.2.21 [HQM][GregTech balanced hard-mode modpack]

    For some reason, my Semifluid generator doesn't allow any cables to attach to it - they don't connect to any sides, they just treat it as if it was a non-electric block. Is there a special way to connect it or is this a glitch? [Placing the generator directly next to the battery buffer also...
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    Anyone who is a mature/older player want to play over Skype?

    Just wondering if anyone on here would want to play on a private server over skype. I ask that you're an older/mature player [must be or act at least 16+]. We can play pretty much whatever pack you'd like, and depending on how many people I get the server will be 2-4 players large. I'll host...
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    Would you build this?

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    Casual Server Looking for Skype friends to do FTB server [any pack]

    Hey guys - I've gotten a lot of fun out of Minecraft and its modpacks by hosting private servers, where we get 2-4 guys on our own world and just do whatever [similar to some youtubers]. Recently some of the guys I used to do this with stopped being available due to real life reasons, so now...
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    Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

    So what can I do to fix it?
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    Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

    That's not true at all - the lag seems to be associated with an ID conflict in Tinkers Construct based on the pastebin. Also, I don't exactly have the freedom to just "move away from the mobs", considering this is a hardcore pack and all. This has happened in every world I've spawned. Can I...
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    Blood N Bones [Hardcore Survival]

    Modpack Version = 1.0.3 Computer Specs = Nvidia 650 Ti GPU, Inter 17-3770k 3.50 GHz, 2x 8GB RAM, Win 7 64-bit Pastebin link to Crashlog = Description of Error = Game has frequent stuttering/lag issues - occasional SMP-style lag [break a block, 5 second delay on it...
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    What mod is this [FTB MONSTER]

    That does apply for a lot of the trees, but there are a couple that don't seem to work, such as Dye Trees. I am using the latest version as well.
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    What mod is this [FTB MONSTER]

    EDIT: The mod is treecapacitator - where can I insert the IDs of the modded leaves so that trees added by mods like Dye Trees will break the same as vanilla trees?
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    Whitelist Server Orphicraft FTB | Ultimate 1.0.1 | Whitelist |Economy | Grief Prevention | Friendly | 24/7

    Minecraft Username: Moshakra Have you ever been banned? If so, why?: I was banned from one server over a mishap. I was playing with my friend in skype and helping him build, but one of the admins thought i was griefing. Other than that, no. What do you plan to contribute to the server? I have a...
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    FEAR THE BEAST FTB SURVIVAL / Whitelist / No stealing or Griefing - ENFORCED

    In-Game Name: Moshakra Age: 15 Do you have any experience with the FTB modpack?: Yes, I have played a few games before. I was a master at tekkit though, so I am familiar with things like IC and buildcraft. What do you look for in a server?: Good community, balanced systems, the ability to...
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    FutureCraft|Latest FTB|Whitelist| Small Skype server! Read for more info!

    This is a small server in which we will all work together and have lots of fun! [IP adress will be supplied via PM] Rules: No griefing! No stealing/raiding Be nice, no angry arguements [a.k.a. keep it civil] Cooperate with members! Have fun :) Application: IGN: Skype [required, it's easy to...