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    Modpack Release

    Is binnie's mods still broken when paired with gregtech?
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    [1.7.10][LISTED] InfiTech 2 Modpack v3.2.21 [HQM][GregTech balanced hard-mode modpack]

    I know the modlist didn't list it, but is Binnie's mod in here? (Extra bees+trees)
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    1.6.2 Packs

    Is there a 1.6.2 pack out with gt and all that?
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    Oh no...

    Rating the imgur pictures: 1.)Stupid, ugly 2.)Ok 3.)Looks good
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    Lets See Some Bases! Give Us a Tour!

    Center area where i have solar panels going up the shaft: / Fusion reactor area: / ae area: / / / for...
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    Detecting if there's no dirt in forestry multifarm

    There's a gate that can say if items in inventory and also allows you to specify the item
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    Remote Power No ender chest Idea's

    Yea either the diamond on the latch or tesseracts and routers
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    Looks like king gregorius t's breakfast
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    I'm Getting Bored

    I don't even look at dusts, they get automatically smelted into ingots
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    Why Does Everyone Care So Much About Expense

    I love expense, and A LOT of it because it makes sense that you have to use tons of resources to get something good like a fusion reactor or even simple things like a macerator. With quarries and mining ships, expense should be even higher for somethings
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    Redpower Replacements

    Doesn't need to be replaced, when its updated it will be put in. But the real thing I love from redpower is relays, just so damn useful lol. But yea, decent list
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    Item Tesseracts to multiple machines

    Try switching around the sides that it inserts or extracts from like top, bottom, north etc. And make sure its connected to the router by an inventory (i'm sure you have that)
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    Item Tesseracts to multiple machines

    Yea he has a router which is receiving from a tesseract, routers interact with any inventory that is touching it, and it evenly distributes as long as you don't have the bandwidth upgrade
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    Why Feed the Beast SHOULD launch without RedPower or Thaumcraft

    Just launch it and then add them back in i'd say, Thaumcraft knows how to put in its terrain over existing terrain and RedPower probably does the same with marble and volcanoes, but if not you can still find that stuff in an age or by just generating more land. That's really the only thing I...
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    Applied energistics Continuos craft

    well put the pattern in the assembly chamber and then put a chest with an export bus that says the item and tell it to always craft, and have an import bus on the chest as well
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    oily bees from NEI [DW20]

    Either that or spawn in an imprinter
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    Redpower signal only when online?

    There's a GregTech block that sends out a signal when a player is within 16 blocks, also a couple other player detectors. But I'm not sure if there's something that detects if a specific player is on, maybe that cc peripheral can like PeggleFrank said
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    Question about the New Fusion Reactor

    Alright so I could efficiently run a total of 24 plasma gens off of one reactor? Sounds a little high but right around the EU total of the old one. Also how many of those generators would I "have" to dedicate to keeping the reactor running, 2 per corner?
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    Ferg's Fortified city

    Yea looks cool, I always like mountain areas with isolated valleys in them