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    Whitelist Server infiniteCraft | 16+ | FTB Unleashed 1.1.3 | Whitelist | Dedicated | TeamSpeak | No Lag | Mining age

    IGN: TheKittehface Age: 13 (I may be young but I'd say I'm pretty mature) How long have you been playing modded minecraft?: (I assume you mean tech mods like FTB, and not stuff like Mo' Creatuers) I've been playing on and off for about 6 months, but I know the basics to most mods. Have you ever...
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    Open Server Boltz n Voltz | 1.1.2 | Anarchy

    Yea...if you could just do me a favor and find out what's making the server crash and/or get it back up, that'd be greeeeeat. Thanks.
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    Whitelist Server PathosMC | Mindcrack (v7) + EE3, Mystcraft, Ars Magica

    Thought I'd stop by and say hi :D
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    PathosMC | Mindcrack (v7) + Mystcraft, EE3, Ars Magica | whitelist

    Age: 13 IGN: TheKittehface Experience: -Minecraft- Since Beta 1.5 -Mods- Know how most of them work, not much of the advanced stuff :/
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    [Whitelist] CES - Mindcrack FTB [1.4.6]

    Age: 13 In-game Name: TheKittehface Why Would you like to join the server?: I would like to play minecraft with a community that interacts with eachother. This seems like that kind of server. do you have experience with the mods?: I'm new to most of them do you have any bans on record?: (answer...
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    Haven Gaming FTB [FTB Pack A, 1.4.2] [White List] [Survival]

    Minecraft username: TheKittehface Age: 13 Timezone: Eastern Standard Time Some things you have built on minecraft? Honestly, I think the best thing I've ever built is a small sorting machine :/ Have you griefed, hacked, etc? I see no point in trying to make the game easier. Harder is fun :D Do...