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    IC2 is slowly dying out ?

    Alblaka has been practically MIA for like two months, I severely doubt he's suddenly going to come back one day and be like "It's okay guys, I abandoned my team to make IC3 all by myself!!!"
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    Lightning Rod - Not working in rain

    There is a chance it goes off during normal rain, just at 10% of the frequency it occurs during a thunderstorm.
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    Thoughts on Mojang & Mods?

    The API will never happen, it's been like two years since it was promised coming soon*, and if it ever does, it can't possibly replace Forge, Forge does too many things already, and I don't know how Mojang could ever make anything as useful as Forge's event system without straight up copying its...
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    Mods with camouflage glass?

    You have just described ICBM camouflage blocks, although that requires Universal Electricity, so the mod posted above is probably best.
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    PvP: Fighting against Quantum Armour in FTB

    Nope, I've had HVs explode before, they max out at 2048 EU/P.
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    PvP: Fighting against Quantum Armour in FTB

    Yeah, QEV would do the most, but GT is the only mod with cables that can handle that voltage, and as far as I know there is no way to get uninsulated cables capable of handling packets of that size as GT's superconductors are insulated.
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    PvP: Fighting against Quantum Armour in FTB

    ...Damnit. People really need to get the word out somehow that the Tesla Staff always is/was/has been a joke item, Greg advertised it as a really expensive thing that can one hit quantum, but it is/always was "completely untested", meaning that it was never intended to work in the first place...
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    Is GregTech just going to keep getting harder?

    Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Probably yes.
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    Dr. Who is a terrible show

    Indeed, Doctor Who is probably the single most fluctuating TV series I have ever seen, when the episodes are good, they tend to be really good (I'm talking like Blink here), when they are bad, they do rely on a lot of Deus Ex Machina and it does sometimes give it the "power of love" feel the OP...
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    quick question about the latest builds of ic2

    They might, I know GT had to practically rework its entire system of using the API, but I think that if the addons advertise that they are for 1.5.2, they should work with the latest versions.
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    Pollution Mod -- Modders Needed!

    As stated before, CPU intensive, probably not, other than short pockets of lag every time a scan is made, however it would indeed take someone who really knows what they are doing to even attempt this with a chance of success.