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    Forestry - Breeding & Facts about bees [SPOILER]

    I know this is a super old thread but it's very useful info. playing mc 1.7.10 (a TFC pack) and forestry is so brutal without binnies mods...... I don't see the marshy line of bees in there....what about those? boggy bees.....they are like the source for the strong flyer trait right?
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    Whitelist Server OldmenCraft Direwolf20 1.5 V2 1.1.3|Whitelist|Adult 25+|8 gig|20 slots bukkit

    IGN: 2muChPride Age: 24 Location: Romania (GMT+2)
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    Whitelist Server Direwolf20 1.5v2 (1.1.3)|Australian|Whitelist|Mature24+|PvE|

    Hey. I'm Marius , 24 , and I would like to play on your server. I'm in GMT+2 but I'm more of a night creature so we gonna be just fine. IGN 2muChPride
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    Got Wood? Use it!

    @Hydra: sorry but i have no idea how to quote you....but this reply is for you... Maybe you are right.......but then again you are missing one key maybe you are wrong. You see...the way I see things....the box is a dynamic concept...very much a function of turns and...
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    Minigame: Fall of the Zephyr!

    That sounds....not very attractive....high chance of not completing a round. Try making an arena where the floor is made out of levitators instead and have battles there.....
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    Share your frames!

    I might have something for you...a 6 directional submarine...just have to rebuild got lost when i switched servers.
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    Redstone Logic Gates v1 [Computercraft][9 Gates][More Planned]

    but can cc computers read redstone signal strenght?....i don't think they can
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    Oil Waterfall? Is this Normal?

    Not sure if this belongs in this section of the forum. But i can confirm that oil wells that big spawn. I found one in a legit world on a server mindcrack hardcore server no automated mining or chunkloaders allowed 16.6 M EU for a piece of uu The oil pocket at the bottom goes down to y lvl 6...
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    Redstone Logic Gates v1 [Computercraft][9 Gates][More Planned]

    That is an amazing bit of reverse engineering right there...Using a computer to simulate logic gates which will prolly be used to build another computer of sorts....Great job thinking outside the box...kudos to you and thank you for sharing such a brilliant idea (you're actually sharing the good...
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    Got Wood? Use it!

    OK so I see that the discussion is getting off track. The main idea of the thread was to get rid of all the wood that piles up. The second idea was to show a's about how it works not about efficiency...i chose to do the scaffolds thing because it made it more interesting rather...
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    Whitelist Server ▇ UnionCraft ▇ | 24/7 | EU | 12gbRAM | Mature 18+ | PVE | Protections | MCPC+

    IGN:2muChPride Age:24 Do you understand and accept the rules?: Aye Aye Sir Why do you wish to join Unioncraft?: A 20+ age restricted server sounds very nice. About me: GMT+2, good English, new to SMP, don't believe in griefing (on the other server I played on people were always nagging me: why u...
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    Got Wood? Use it!

    Router sounds good...I guess the train of thought got stuck at pipes because initially I tried doing it with auto crafting tables and those require wooden pipes to craft....but the router will also need an item filter upgrade...the fabricator has other adjacent fabricators to it and we don't...
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    Got Wood? Use it!

    Hello everyone. I'm playing the FTB DW20 pack but this can be used in any pack that has: BC , IC2, Forestry or Steve's carts, Factorization I'm making this thread to show my solution to a problem we've all been having....stacks of wood piling up. So you're playing FTB ...chances are you're...
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    New Launcher design | We need you!

    that's not such a good ideea...servers are like command blocks....mojang didn't make a command block entry in the creative menu ... so to get one you need to use a command....the idea being that in order to get one you should know how to use commands (one). Servers are kinda the same...if you're...
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    Hey ya'll!

    Awesome bit. that guy is freaking hilarious.
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    New Launcher design | We need you!

    first and foremost.....after adding a mod to a pack there should be a done button just because clicking x won't cut it.... add a vanilla mod pack ( all the mods that don't add blocks: rey's minimap, treecapitator, invtweaks, iron chests and maybe extrabiomes just because all the blocks it adds...
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    invalid username

    And now i just wiped the .ftblauncher folder and tried a reinstall and the console tells me this: all these 500 erros...does this mean that the ftb servers are down?...the ones the launcher is using? nevermid that....i forgot to give the file permission to run as an...
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    invalid username

    Happens to me also.....been playing fine until 2 days it tells me invalid username or password.
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    Whitelist Server MineMadness | [Direwolf20][1.4.6][Dedicated]| Whitelisted | Full Survival |English and French|Mature

    Your Age:24 Your experience with the modpack: Pro at: Forestry, Buildcraft, Ic2, TE and RP2 For how long have you been playing minecraft in general: 1 year Why would you want to join our server: Hoping that SMP will allow me stuff that usually kills my machine in SSP (RP2 frame quarry and...