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    Whitelist Server Durgcraft|DireWolf20 v5.1.1|Whitelisted|16+|Mature|24/7|UK based

    Name/Nickname: Lynch IGN:Lynchy94 Age:18 Why you want to join:I've been looking for a good FTB server with a good community for a long time. What you would bring to the server: I am a good builder and very experienced with almost all of the FTB mods.
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    Obligatory-Craft|Beta Pack A|Whitelist|Mature Server for a small group

    APPLICATIONS: IGN:lynchy94 AGE:17 YOUR FAVORITE MOD IN THE PACK: don't have one EXPERIENCE WITH THESE MODS: i have played a lot with every one of these mods and know how to use them. HAVE YOU BEEN BANNED AND WHY:nope ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:N/A
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    ShiftedPlay FTB [FTB Pack A, 1.4.2] [White List] [Survival]

    IGN: lynchy94 16+ Age?: Yes Agree to the rules?: Yes