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    New Release - TERRA

    the sad part is i died and had to make a new world to figure out it was a prank....
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    Suggest Mods for FTB Here

    Chainz: The -Missing- Iron Link Its a shame this mod is so often over-looked it has alot of features including an easy to use elevator system, a recipe for chainmail, and balanced improvements to archery. Its so well done it feels more like an extension of vanilla minecraft than a mod. I would...
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    ftb ultimate server question

    When i start an ftb server it generates a the same world everytime that has things already built on it and no matter how many times i try to delete, overwrite or otherwise disable it every time i start the server and log in its always the same map. is this supposed to happen? if so why and how...
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    [MC 1.7.10] New World Mod-Pack [v0.0.7]

    lol thanks:) the mc forum page is here
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    Suggest Mods for FTB Here

    minecraft forum paige here
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    Suggest Mods for FTB Here

    CHAINZ!!!! I can say enough about this mod it is FANTASTIC! ive added it to the mods i use personally in ssp and couldnt imagine playing without it now the elevator system is a blast to play around with as well as giving a good way to make chainmail in survival and improved bow features
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    [MC 1.7.10] New World Mod-Pack [v0.0.7]

    HEEEEEY!!! Youve got to check out and consider the chainz mod for your modpack!!! it would go perfectly with what your trying to do!!
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    [16x] Isabella II: FTB Edition

    so im still kinda learning about minecraft (been playing for years but still cant quite master it lol) i started a server a couple months ago for me and my friends finally got ftb installed and configured the way i want and now id like to add a texture pack and Isabella was the one i used for...