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    My 1.7.10 Magic Area Using imgur as a hoster because I can upload all images at once. What do you guys think? Did you ever get into TTKami?
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    2fps @ 50% CPU usage

    Title 2fps @ 50% CPU usage Launcher Type MultiMC Modpack Nuts and Bolts: Torqued Modpack version Have you modified the pack? No Link to log file Details of the issue I can only get between 1 and 4 fps while playing this pack. According...
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    2 best items in ftb! [help]

    I'd suggest a high-end mining item (could be a really good Hammer or an Awakened Ichorium Pickaxe or an Iridium Drill or whatever is in your pack) and a flight item (Angel Rings). Maybe exchange that for a good sword if you're on a PvP server.
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    Fusion Reactor (+ base pics in the future)

    RotaryCraft Infrastructure is being moved to a new building at the moment, so it might take a few days
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    Fusion Reactor (+ base pics in the future)

    The Bee Tree, Part 2
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    Fusion Reactor (+ base pics in the future)

    Base Pics These are some pics of my old and new base. Enjoy! The Bee Tree
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    Fun Items in ultimate 1.4.7?

    Check out TechReborn, it's basically a port of GT2 to MC1.7 / 1.9
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    Fusion Reactor (+ base pics in the future)

    Last Part of this Showcase: The Power Room Also, I updated everything to V13 and while this thing doesn't crash for the same reason anymore, it now crashes for other reason (one of which I already reported). P. S. No one wanna comment on the build itself?
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    Need Help Creating Mystcraft Worlds

    Mystcraft adds instability to most worlds if you're not careful enough. It gives you a bunch of negative effects. If you have access to it, I would just turn off instability via the /myst-instability false command. Or just use RFTools dimensions instead (imo better).
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    What thing have you never done in FtB?

    I just can't find my way into ChromatiCraft. It just doesn't really give you much guidance. Found a couple of Info Fragments, tried crafting a bunch of things, but the rune crafting just isn't properly explained anywhere it seems.
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    ftb infinity without magic..

    imo Thaumcraft is much more technical than 70% of tech mods. Setting up some automated things requires way more thought than RF would require. Same goes for Botania where automating anything always involves some crazy redstone circuitry.
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    Fusion Reactor (+ base pics in the future)

    Now to the next part of the build: The Plasma preheaters Upgraded Electrolyzers Coolant production The Tokamak The Turbine Hall
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    Fusion Reactor (+ base pics in the future)

    well, I am not even running the latest version because I was too lazy to update, soo...
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    Fusion Reactor (+ base pics in the future)

    Uranium Processing
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    Fusion Reactor (+ base pics in the future)

    So, I built a fusion reactor (from ReactorCraft). I had wanted to share it for a long time, but I never got around to it - Until now. The Reactor Complex Mark 1: The fission Reactor
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    Strange fps problem

    Do you have 64-bit Java?
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    Bug Thaumcraft research reset (Solved)

    Thaumic Cheatery (only for 1.6.4)
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    Bug Thaumcraft research reset (Solved)

    cheat yourself a cheat sheet thaumonomicon (unlocks everything), also there's a mod that can give you 999 research points of each aspects. If you use it and set your config to easy research, then you can also cheat your progress in manually.