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    Direwolf20 1.7.10 Help, Venting and Discussion Thread

    I do not have any conductive pipes?? What do you use for hobbyist steam engine for example?
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    FTB Departed Discussion

    So I'll have to make all of this halfslabs? I wanted to use theese stones as floor :( Damn :(
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    FTB Departed Discussion

    How do you actually prevent monsters from spawning? I have light all over the place and I've got laboratory blocks as floor and they are still spawning...
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    FTB Departed Discussion

    Oh wow. Thank you very much :-). There was indeed a conflict, although it wasn't shown...
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    FTB Departed Discussion

    How do you see your leve of your hunter skill and the others?
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    Some departed questions

    SO I've read the skill guide on the wiki; But I can't actually see my current levels. Where can you see them? I just started dropping diamonds but I have no clue what my actual level is.. Also do you guys know of any cool or must have items? Also how do you prevent monsters from spawning? I...