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    Whitelist Server MiraiCraft | Direwolf20 1.0.18 | Whitelist |

    In-game name: DieHarlequin Age: 21 Country: austria How long you will play for: Depends on university. Most likely an hour or two a day. Your experience with this or other modpacks: Been around since ultimate Why do you want to play on this server: Wanted to get back to multiplayer minecraft...
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    Mcraftworlds FTB / 20+ Mature / Beta Server - Whitelist

    If I recall correctly, Thaumcraft 3 will be included with Redpower 3 in the update to 1.4.5. I doubt that update now was to 1.4.5 and I didn't find anything Thaumcraft related in the changelog. Edit: Not white-listed. Did you copy the names into the whitelist?
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    Mcraftworlds FTB / 20+ Mature / Beta Server - Whitelist

    Sounds reasonable. Gonna postpone the bugreport till tomorrow to clarify.
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    Mcraftworlds FTB / 20+ Mature / Beta Server - Whitelist

    If it still persists, I guess there has yet to be a server restart for the modified whitelist to take effect Edit: It apparently says "Failed to login: java.IOException: Server returned HTTP response code: 503 etc. I shall put it on the bug forum if it is a clientsided issue
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    Mcraftworlds FTB / 20+ Mature / Beta Server - Whitelist

    IGN: DieHarlequin AGE: 20 Why you are applying: Well, I want to play on a server, so I'm applying to one. Easy, huh? What you expect: Nothing. If you expect things you get disappointed, thus I ain't expecting anything and will be positively surprised I hope. Well, favourite color might aswell...
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    Automation Inc. | Feed The Beast | Whitelist | PVE | Mature 18+

    Minecraft user name: DieHarlequin Age: 20 Past experience: Bit tekkit, bit vanilla. nothing special, really. Reasons why you want to join: I know of the porblems a server can ahve, am somewhat reasonable and always open for a talk. Or better said: why not play for the games sake?
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    Tech-Galore|FTB Beta Pack A 1.4.2|Whitelist

    IGN: DieHarlequin Age: 20 What mod do you have most experience with: I dont know, bit of everything I guess Why should you be allowed to join the server: Why not? No again, I dont know. Your choice. In your opinion, what is the most important rule from above: Second rule, respect is important...