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    Issues with nVidia drivers (378.49) preventing Minecraft loading

    Thanks, I should of read this post first. I was having the same issue, a simple rollback really helped. Thanks guys, ya'll are a life saver. Now I can do my normal streams!
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    Nintendo Switch

    I already pre-ordered mine lucky before major retailers ran out of stock. I personally haven't been this excited for a console since... Maybe Xbox 360? or was it the Original Xbox? I grew up with a NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) So I've always been a die hard Nintendo Fan. My favorite...
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    Minecraft FTB Monster Live Stream

    Hey guys/girls/and squirrels, Its me Origamiking, I am a Live Streamer on I play just about anything, and love a good suggestion on a good game. There are some hidden Gems that I may not have heard of, or played. I love to talk a lot in my streams, and enjoy reading your messages...
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    Forum game: Smash your Head on a Keyboard.

    bvght Big Violent Gravy Hamster Tits
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    While licking several Whales
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    Forum game: Smash your Head on a Keyboard.

    nhmjujunh No Hamsters Mating Jars Under Jim's Ultra Neon Helmet hybgt Horse Yells Big Giant Tits gvtffrb Grandpa Vandalizes The Fat Flocking Red Bird vf Violent Farts
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    FTB With Origamiking

    Hi, my name is Origamiking, I currently have a live stream that i stream everyday around 2:00 PM eastern time. Tho at the moment im currently postponing episode 7 till this coming up Friday of 7/12/13 due to being busy with work and stuff. In my live stream I try to go over as much FTB mobs as...