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    Best way to duplicate redpower machinery (frames and motors)?

    Step 1: Open Canvas Bag Step 2: Put Frames in bag Step 3: Make tons of them
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    Ftb ultimate energy plant [WIP]

    I might have cheated a little bit......... The stairs were a pain in the ass placing and the solar panels and to shift the whole time making it. Its going to be a pain hooking up all the glass fibre cables power storage systems and the transformers turn eu into mj so I can transport it with...
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    Do you count glitches as "cheating" in your world?

    So guys when your playing on survival and you find do you ever use it?Also if you do you consider it as cheating? Because I know when I find a glitch in ftb I use it as much as I can and consider it as not cheating.
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    Coolest Twilight Forest Feature

    Questing ram>penguins
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    How on Earth does my Blockbreakers are not breaking??

    I was using one of the rail craft ones since chicken chunk loaders don't work so well with frames!
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    Oops Thread

    Pro tip when you go to a mystcraft age bring a linking book >_<
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    How on Earth does my Blockbreakers are not breaking??

    I once made a tunnel bore it worked for a while but then some of the tunnel bores huts stopped working i think it had something to do with chunk boundaries I could never fixnthe problem .... So I nukes the tunnel bore
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    Mystcraft Void age help

    Well I guess il stick to night since im canvas bag glitching anyways!;) Thanks for all your help guys!
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    Mystcraft Void age help

    Well On attempt two this what happend: Much Like your first attempt no ender starfield solars output nighttime and the world was stable so now Im just deciding whether I will give up eu production or the cool night time affect for the build Im going to make :confused:
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    Mystcraft Void age help

    Ok guys I tried making the age and here are my results Not exactly what I wanted......... :p
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    Mystcraft Void age help

    Thanks for the help guys Il try to make the age as soon as I get home and thanks for the flux tip and good thing I don't use thaumcraft :)
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    I cant find Twilight Forest pages for Mystcraft :(

    Like other posters said try updating your mystcraft version I play on ultimate and have tons of twilight pages I find at least one in each library I find.
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    Mystcraft Void age help

    Can someone tell me how to organise my mystcraft pages to make one that's a void age has no weather has a ender star field always looks like night but is actually is always morning so my solar panels can run at max efficeny ?And also I saw the guide but the new writing system is a pain in the...
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    Open Server Behemoth Industries | Open | 24/7 | FTB Ultimate | Factions

    wow I'd just like to than you for this server there's no whitelist, barely any items are banned, and best of it barely lags and there's a great community :)
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    You know you are playing too much FTB when....

    You try to macerate your mom's gold jewelry so you can double it.
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    Modpack Download without launcher

    There already are wrong password=play offline :(
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    EE3 4 Gold=1 diamond ?

    The only reason im complaining about this is on multiplayer servers you can turn a stack of gold ore into 32 diamond well when you use a macerator of course, or 1024 iron :confused:
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    EE3 4 Gold=1 diamond ?

    Using the minium stone you can turn 4 gold into a diamond is this intended or what?This just feels like ee2 all over again:confused:
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    Large Redpower tunnel bore in Mindcrack v7 keeps breaking.

    Ahh tunnel bores give you tons of resources but area huge pain in the @ss Well I made a huge tunnel bore too a 8x18 much like yours with battery recharge system,railcraft chunk loader,inchworm drive but the same thing kept happening to me well it happened once but now all my block breakers are...