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    1.3.0: Pack Version 1.4.1, storage bus doesn't like Deep Storage Unit

    Version: 1.3.0 What is the bug: I recently decided to redo my AE system in my world, and I have a storage bus contacted to a Depp Storage Unit that holds all my cobble. But when I do, I am unable to use my auto crafting. When I disconnect the storage bus, it works. Can anyone tell me why...
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    Direwolf20 turbine code

    I downloaded Dire's reactor code to use in my own turbine. When I try to run the program, it gives me an error message saying reactor:8:attempt to index ? (a nil value) I know enough about the mod to know that there is an error on line 8, but I don't know how to fix it. Can someone help? I have...
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    1.1.0: Pack version 1.1.1 Lag

    I am on a mac. I did what you told me and it worked! Thanks a bunch!
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    1.1.0: Pack version 1.1.1 Lag

    Version: 1.1.0 What is the bug: Whenever tesseracts are placed down or warp item ducts are activated, the game lags big time. I go from 40-50 fps to single digits. Mod & Version: log: Can it be repeated: Known Fix: