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    Interesting Ore Processing Methods?

    Not a big fan of sky blocks, so I haven't. I think I'm going to go with Thaumcraft, with FactoryTech as a backup and TiCon/Tinker's IO for early game. I'll still keep an eye out for any other interesting mods.
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    Interesting Ore Processing Methods?

    Probably should have mentioned this is going to be for 1.12, so Rotarycraft is unfortunately out (one of my most missed older mods). I'll definitely check out FactoryTech. One I haven't seen mentioned so far is Blood Magic. Haven't tried the 1.12 version yet, but 1.10's ritual of the crusher...
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    Interesting Ore Processing Methods?

    I'll probably be making my own pack for this. Not sure what you mean by script-it-yourself, unless you mean craftweaker scripts or the like. I might look at what a pack does with tweaks, as long as pulling the relevant tweaks out an put them in my game. When I asked the question I was mostly...
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    Interesting Ore Processing Methods?

    Looking for something that's not your basic "funnel ore into this box and give it power, get dust out" for my next run. Doesn't have to be anything better than double yield. Not embers, mostly because I did that my last run and I'm looking for something new. Mekanism's higher tier ore...
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    (Epic) Minecraft fails

    Back during the original Equivalent Exchange 2 days, me and the destruction catalyst had all sorts of fun, usually at the expense of a few chests full of something. There's a reason my Minecraft Forums signature is "So there I was, knee deep in cobblestone for the fifth time that day". One time...
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    Things to automate?

    Botania is a treasure trove of interesting automation challenges. There is, of course, your standard "Automate the wither" build, which has a decent degree of freedom in how you approach it. Similarly, coming up with new ways to automate common things, or using mods you don't normally use...
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    Does anyone use IC2 any more?

    I think the last time I even look at it was because of a pack where it was the only pump and I wanted to automate bloodcraft lava production for some reason or other. That was back when 1.10 was the latest minecraft version. I don't think I've payed any serious attention to it since they decided...
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    Thaumcraft 6 making thaumonomicon crash

    I'm pretty sure this is an issue that was introduced with thaumcraft beta 15 (using salis crashing stuff in general). Try downgrading to 14 and see if that helps.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Is there a preferred mod to keep track of certain notes in-game? Specifically, I'm getting started with alchemy in Embers and want an in-game reference to how much ash I need for a recipe. Edit: I just realized I completely forgot written books exist in vanilla. I feel silly now. Still looking...
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    What cool little thing have you discovered today?

    I'm playing in VR using Vivecraft, and today I discovered that not only can you hold the bow sideways, it's actually easier to aim this way. I also discovered (from this thread, no less), that Ender IO has a 1.12 release.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Probably a silly question, but are you doing this with an empty hand?
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    MC1.10 options for magically themed RF gen? Doing a Thaumcraft-centered pack, and want something to support a basic Refined Storage network and maybe some basic EIO ore processing. Only thing I can think of is Botania's Mana Fluxfield. I've got a couple non-magical options available in the pack...
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    Pipes mods for 1.12+?

    So...New update to thermal dynamics came out today. Changelog says it added a way for ducts to transfer a redstone signal. Also, some alternatives: xnet allows for power/liquid/item/redstone over the same cable, with some basic logic. Integrated Dynamics, with Integrated Tunnels, can transfer...
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    Problem Steve’s Factory Manager - How do you create an AND gate?

    So I made a quick pack with SFM to get a better grip on the terms. You're talking about a "Condition", right? What I'm saying is that you make one condition with the statement you want, then flow that into a second condition with the other statement, and then that flows into the statement that...
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    Problem Steve’s Factory Manager - How do you create an AND gate?

    So, it's been forever since I've been on a pack with SFM, and my knowledge is at best rusty, but there's a a conditional branch thing (if true do this if false do that), right? Then if you needed an AND, all you'd have to do is chain these together with all the things you wanted true, maybe with...
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    Problem Direwolf20 1.12xx

    So, looking at the log it suggests that Reborn Storage is trying to recognize a Refined Storage cable as part of its multiblock crafter. Which is silly. My first suggestion would be to look for updates to Refined Storage and Reborn Storage. Edit: poked around RebornStorage's issue tracker page...
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    What cool little thing have you discovered today?

    I've gotten to the point where I intentionally try to avoid it anymore, because otherwise it'd be the only thing I use. A properly made super-tier paxel from Silent's Gems with the right enchants makes an almost-too-good alternative, as I learned in my latest playthrough.
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    What do you use AE2/RS for?

    Centralized large scale storage (with ability to connect to dsu/barrel-type containers), easier manual crafting, automated crafting and processing (especially at large scale), ability to keep a crafted/processed item automatically stocked.
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    Ask a simple question, get a simple answer

    Are you taking advantage of the ore dictionary matching option? If the common ores (copper, tin, lead, etc) have 2-3 varieties each, that could help cut down on slots needed quite a bit.
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    Doubts about the block tesseract

    Unfortunately not available on MC1.12. Integrated tunnels does have power (and items/fluids) transfer, and integrated dynamics does have an inteldimensional connector . I think RFTools power cells can somehow be made interdimensional, but I haven't tried.