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    Epic Fail stories

    Ouch... Feel Better!
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    Is OP too OP?

    o_O Can you elaborate what you meant by OPhats?
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    Is OP too OP?

    This is for you Lambert Tophats are OP
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    I am horrible at writing MystCraft Ages. Help!

    However if the age had black decay (the one that eats blocks) the decay will continue to delete your world.
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    Is OP too OP?

    Life is OP
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    Future of Mods With 1.5

    Oh my god....
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    Soul Shard mod and Equivelant exchange OP together?

    Only if you use it that way. ;)
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    Future of Mods With 1.5

    I agree with retrogamer. Vanilla has lots of potential. However, the every update mojang releases seams to have a different theme. 1.8.1 was adding hunger, enderman, the end, and enchantment. That update was good and was full of content. All other updates were lacking of content. "Adding...
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    ftb friendly mods?

    Use word pad. So much better. Any way, all mods should work if you change the config unless you used all the ids. Nei?
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    alternative (thaumcraft) method for getting copper

    It is just a reskinned normal chest.
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    Graphical Glitch: FTB Ultimate Pack?

    did you know when you have a gui open and hold shift, the sky darkens. With optifine.
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    Yogscast on FTB

    My reaction. Meh
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    Inspiration. I think I lack it.

    I always like post-apocalyptic games and maps but never got around to making one. Hmmm.. Make a Fusion Reactor using Brutality mode configs!
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    Inspiration. I think I lack it.

    Nuke your base(s), clear your inventory and start fresh with one sapling.
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    Ultimate Pack

    Still plenty fast though.
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    Ultimate Pack

    16 overclocker upgrades make the operation 1 tick for macerator, furnace, extractor, and compressor I think.
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    Ultimate Pack

    About Gregtech being in the mudpack, how about this, The ultimate pack contains all mods that the FTB team gets permission for. Gergtech's nerfs and changes will be disabled and everyone is happy. I would rather have as many mods as I can even if I don't use all of them. Maybe someone who...
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    Your thoughts on the Technic Platform?

    Lets add another topic. What other mods you like to use with FTB? :)
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    Creating the perfect mining world in mystcraft

    Me hearing more about the meteors made me thinking about pvp servers in which two teams have to get to the linking book to safety before the world eats them. o_O
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    What is a block creepers can't explode

    xycraft shields or bricks are blast resistant I think.