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    [1.7.10]Alone in the Dark Chapter I [HQM][RPG][Beta]

    I'm going to try this pack for the lone fact that it doesn't have thaumcraft in it.
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    [1.7.10] ImpactFlux Modpack - Version 1.0.0 [HQM, 400+ Quests, Hardcore]

    This happened to me. I was putting sand down when the game crashed and deleted my world.
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    [1.7.10] Flux Galaxy - A Space-Based MagiTech Modpack

    Here's one for you then :) When you make an iron pick with Tinkers Construct, you can't mine diamonds, but you can with a regular iron pickaxe. In fact a TC bronze won't either.
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    [NOW PLAYABLE] The Abandoned House 2 [Jam-Packed] [145+ Quests] [Dungeons, Tech, Bees, Magic]

    I totally agree with what Atomicwaffles said here. Quest should be rewarding, not tedious. I recently restarted and mostly ignored the quests at first because they didn't help me get started in the beginning of the game. It wasn't until I had a working farm that would keep me alive and a nice...
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    [NOW PLAYABLE] The Abandoned House 2 [Jam-Packed] [145+ Quests] [Dungeons, Tech, Bees, Magic]

    Enjoying this mod pack so far. Love the map.
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    Version 1.4.5 FINAL - Mysterious Book O'Tech [1.6.4] {Tech/GregTech} {RPG} {HQM/Quest} {Hardcore}

    Yeah, I just meant it's in NEI but wouldn't let me create the star. I know how to kill the Wither but thanks ;) Reason I was wondering how to create it is you can in other mods to use in the nether generator.
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    Version 1.4.5 FINAL - Mysterious Book O'Tech [1.6.4] {Tech/GregTech} {RPG} {HQM/Quest} {Hardcore}

    How are you supposed to mine colbalt? I can't make a nether star.
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    Tainted Blood: Thaumic Sanguimancy

    This mod pack crashes for me as soon as it loads. I never even get to the title screen.
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    [1.6.4] TolkienCraft

    Been playing this pack and enjoying it. Only feedback I have at the moment is you should start the person off with the ring so they could enter the Shire sooner.
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    [1.6.4] Cataclysm ModPack [HardCore, Post-Apocalyptic Survival]

    Couple of bugs. 1 - Thirst mod, you have to unzip the and put the txt files in its place. 2 - No clay makes Tinkers useless since you can't smelt. I think you can get clay, but only highest end mekanism stuff (I think), and by then it is useless. Unless this is intentional. I also...
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    [1.6.4] Cataclysm ModPack [HardCore, Post-Apocalyptic Survival]

    Found some spiders :) Oh and what are the rubies and sapphires for? They don't come up for anything in NEI.
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    [1.6.4] Cataclysm ModPack [HardCore, Post-Apocalyptic Survival]

    Played the mod for a couple days now, one question I have. How do you get wool on the Wasteland maps? I've never seen spiders. A guide would be great btw. I also like the idea of the lore book. Quest guide like Agrarian Skies would be awesome I agree, but time consuming I bet.
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    [1.6.4]Crash Landing [Hardcore, HQM] version 1.1.x BETA STABLE

    I've been playing a this pack for a few days now and I have some questions. Why can't you upgrade the tinker's tools? That seems like one of the main reasons to include them. I should be able to stick a flint ax head on my wooden one. And I don't know if it's broken, but I can't smelt ore dust...
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    [1.5.2] HappyDiggers RPG ModPack

    There is something in this pack that crashes my pc. I think it might be one of the mobs? It only happens when I'm underground in abandoned mines. I don't know what info to give you to help figure it out.
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    [1.5.2] HappyDiggers RPG ModPack

    Giving me an error when I try to add it.
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    Forum Section for modpack configs

    Can someone make a new forum section for people who post modpack configs? People take a lot of time to make these and I think more people would use them if they would be easier to find. Some examples are...
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    1.5.1 Config Pack (DISCONTINUED FOR NOW)

    Thanks for the pack. It has most everything I was looking for expect Atum and biomes o plenty.
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    [MC 1.7.10] New World Mod-Pack [v0.0.7]

    I do, but it's not public yet. There is a open server that looks like it is run by the guy who made the pack.
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    [MC 1.7.10] New World Mod-Pack [v0.0.7]

    Okay, thanks.