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    Which steam machine should I buy?

    So I was thinking of buying a steam machine, so I am asking here what specs should I get etc. I am planning of buying maybe a cheap one, hoping that it can play infinity with shaders (or just infinity, playing with shaders is asking too much isn't it?) and with 4 usb entraces (how the fuk they...
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    Minecraft VR Clone

    Yep, I know there is a oculus rift mod for minecraft... but this is about VIVE. Welp, I was reading through the steam forums when I found a forum that only dev's posted (the steamVR discussions), and some guy did a VR clone of minecraft. It is really interesting at my opinion, and looks like...
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    Build battle anyone?

    I was thinking of using to make a build challenge with some guys here on the forum... I'm going to use vanilla+ because why not also offline mode whonever want type here! Due to , we can only host to up to 10 people (9 with me). Also, no sexual content. Strong...
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    How the heck I get this trophy?

    I just deleted my avatar... and nothing? D:
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    Minecraft Hololens Edition

    (skip to 1:25 to not hear paid introductions) Of course microsoft, this will be a xbox exclusive. Well if you do that, remember valve still have the vive. Meanwhile: (couldn't embend) But yeah, both are definitely awesome.
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    why the hell 1.6.x+ lags?

    I mean, when I played a modpack with 121 mods (that's a lot!) my pc could play it perfectly fine, even with 6 chuncks loaded (it probably sound like meh to you but coming from a bad pc like mine...). Now with 1.6.x+ versions it lags the hell out of my pc! and it keeps getting laggy and laggy...
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    Botania for Begginers

    Had to get this out of my head or I wouldn't forget about it
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    Which wood should I use on this building?

    So I making a crop farm, on the future I will expand. The cool thing is that when it rains it only rains on the part I have my crop farm, and not on the area of my house (and where I am recreating tress too). So I got my crop farm here: Well, I will be using japanese wood on the fences. But...
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    Molten experience?

    Just wondering... any use for this? :p
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    [Regrowth]Crossbreads not working?

    What am I doing wrong? I just followed the recipies of the quest book. Also, the middle of the potato and belladona it always grow potato, not madrake. And on the wheat and potato one that is supposed to grow sugar canes, nothing happens! Do I need to let both plants fully grow, or on it's...
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    Lagging on Agrarian skies, wtf?

    I mean comon, it's a skybox map, why the hell it lags? I mean seriously. Ok, another question, is there a texture pack that reduces lags? maybe a 1x1 one? :D
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    Private 3RD party texture packs?

    So, Once upon a time I was reading the wiki and found a page that had a lot of codes for modpacks that didn't showed on the launcher, well I haven't played through them but it's nice to have more at my disposal (the feeling...) but anyway what I am looking for is if there is code for texture...
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    A dream

    In the meantime lets hear sarcastic wheatley
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    Tinkers not thinking?(hue)

    So, I tried creating a hammer. Well, I was looking at a video and it said to use manyullyn as a rod, which unfortunate is very expensive and I don't know how to get it. A answer to that would be good too lol but anyway... so I googled for an answer and a guy at the forums said to use an...
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    A good thinker's hammer?

    So, I'm new to the best materials-thing of tinkers, and I want to make a good hammer and maybe a battle-axe too, and I am asking: what are the best materials to what patterns? I just can't afford diamond and emerald stuff, the rest is fine (with the exception of gold, but I have like almost 30...
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    Getting buckets out of smeltery?

    Yes, I want to get liquids out of the smeltery using a bucket. How I do that? also, what mod is this from? (the section with the diamond armor) (no, I'm not a girl but I like playing as a girl on minecraft lololo)
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    HD Mystcraft screenshoots?

    So I was reading the FTB wiki with some mystcraft tutorials when this got my attention: Well this got me thinking.... "can it pleasure the eyes?" So, does anyone have any screenshoots of cool/beautiful/interesting mystcraft dimensions? You know, cause reasons.
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    Explosions Everywhere?

    Hi, I started playing and like, when I got to a certain point it started raining (like, when I got my first pulverizer), but the raining started getting frequent, and I heard storms with explosions (which is completely normal at minecraft lol), and I tought that was normal. But sometimes...
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    Transporting RF?

    Yes, I know... people ask this everyday... use enderIO.... but: I want a tutorial! I know I have to use a alloy smelter, and that, but what pipe I exactly build? IS there a tutorial anywhere?