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    EnderIO cobblestone bug?

    Can you post an image of your setup?
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    Funniest Puns (Rated Edition)

    8/10 I know a good pun about ebola, but you probably won't get it.
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    The Rhyming Game V2!

    Fanta (I hope proper nouns count) Seal
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    A Forum Game To Pass The Time! (Corrupt A Wish)

    Granted, but it's invisible. I wish I could see through walls.
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    The ^<V Game

    ^ Bingo. < Has taken a computer science course. v Has also taken a comp sci course?
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    Finish each other's sentences!

    This one's another classic from the forums I used to look over. The premise is simple. Finish the sentence of the person before you, and on a new line start a new sentence for the next to finish. This works best if the sentences form a story that people can add on to. Begin. Don't you just...
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    [Forum Game] ASCII metamorphosis

    The pairs merge together, making the spikes larger. M M
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    [Forum Game] ASCII metamorphosis

    They begin to wobble slightly. ~ ~ ~ ~
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    [Forum Game] ASCII metamorphosis

    Spaces are added. _ _ _ _
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    [Forum Game] ASCII metamorphosis

    Let's get this rolling again, shall we? Any non-alphanumeric characters are removed, along with any formatting. T 0000
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    Ask a stupid question...

    Why aren't we posting questions now?
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    The ^<V Game

    ^ Is correct. < Has not posted in over a year. v Isn't Vikestep.
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    The Story of a Minecrafter

    He walks along the abandoned mineshaft, listens for cave spiders, and moves on.
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    The Story of a Minecrafter

    He starts running into the deeper depths of the cavern, placing torches as he goes.