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  1. CaptPanda

    Bug all imgur images on forum have broken

    I logged in the other day to find all non-avatar images to be broken, and after a bit of investigation, I've narrowed it down to just Imgur. Is that an imgur fault or forum fault, and it that just on my side? If so, how would I fix it?
  2. CaptPanda

    Open 2.3.3: [2.3.5] Sunnarium alloy in IC2 scanner outputs Iridium ingot

    Version: 2.3.3 What is the bug: Sunnarium alloy in IC2 scanner outputs Iridium ingot, similar for other sunnarium items, and additionally the Quantum Core. I presume it is down to metadata/NBT, not sure which, but they all share the same item ID. Mod & Version:
  3. CaptPanda

    Open 2.1.0: IE 2.1.3 crash when checking recipes in NEI

    Version: 2.1.0 What is the bug: Log Link: Details of the issue: when checking through all recipes for redstone furnace, game crashes. I would assume it is a conflict between NEI and another mod, but I have come across this on multiple other packs. Mod & Version...
  4. CaptPanda

    IE 2.1.3 crash when checking recipes in NEI

    Title: IE 2.1.3 crash when checking recipes in NEI Launcher Version: Curse Modpack: Infinity Evolved Modpack Version: 2.1.3 Log Link: Details of the issue: when checking through all recipes for redstone furnace, game crashes. I would assume it is a conflict between...
  5. CaptPanda

    [Curse|1.7.10] Gooeyless: A Cult of Kitteh concept pack [Challenge] [Unique Ore Processing]

    This is the Cult of Kitteh's concept pack, a pack that shows off that you can survive and thrive in minecraft without using GUIs. The progression of the pack is based on cross interaction of different mods, all handily documented in books you start off with! Features: Unique ore processing...
  6. CaptPanda

    Request Modpack Launcher Graphics Design (Gooeyless)

    Hey there, I've been making a modpack, and as far as the progress is going, I'd say it's pretty much done. However, something that I've always struggled with is making launcher graphic, as can be seen by my previous attempts. So what I've done, is that I have made an image using my limited...
  7. CaptPanda

    Understanding Minetweaker

    Hey there, I'm working on a new modpack, and I decided to try and use minetweaker so I can make some custom recipes. However after trying and failing a few times, I caved and used recipe maker. and after using that, I realized that items were named differently than I thought. What I had done...
  8. CaptPanda

    Request Is it possible to disable curse voice on the curse launcher?

    I've come to realize that the curse launcher is having a heavy impact on my PC, and I would assume that it is because it has VOIP and IRC software constantly running. I would like to know if you can disable those features, or if there is a seperate launcher I can use while still having access to...
  9. CaptPanda

    [Now on Curse!][MotM Unofficial][1.0.2] Checklist Complete: You can do the thing!

    Want to learn Botania? Hate being stuck on a fixed progression line? Want to do things your way? Now you can! Tiny Potato believes in you! Use simple achievements to check your progress, but don't forget to have fun! I have quite a few objectives for you to try, but do feel free to suggest...
  10. CaptPanda

    1.0.0: Modular boots dampeners

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: firstly, version incorrect the modular armour's boots have a module called fall dampener. this does not work. Also, not sure if intended, but the armour shows no armour bars on the HUD. Mod & Version: Modular Armour log: Can it...
  11. CaptPanda

    1.0.0: Redstonic crafting

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: Trying to make a redstonic drill will kick you from the server Mod & Version: Redstonic log: Can it be repeated: try making a drill in multiplayer Known Fix: update mod
  12. CaptPanda

    1.0.0: Compacting draws & transfer nodes

    Version: 1.0.0 What is the bug: Compacting drawer will destroy items when trying to insert into a transfer node with a filter on Mod & Version: Extra utils and Storage drawers log: Can it be repeated: by letting the most compact item out and having a filter on...
  13. CaptPanda

    [AS2] ButterFlutter The Terrible

    As part of AS2, you are required to slay this monstrosity. I have tried peppering it with arrows, but they seem to do nothing, and I fear for my life for going into melee with this beast. Tell me, fellow AS2ers, How have you dealt with this pain in the beehind?
  14. CaptPanda

    [Trident] Surviving Endgame: How to protect from invisible dakka ninjas?

    Hey there guys, I've been playing some trident, and I would consider myself midgame. However I've noted that when trying to explore the nether or overworld, I have been sniped by people using the invisibility from MPS. The question is if there's a mod in trident that can identify invisible...
  15. CaptPanda

    [1.7.10] Billy Jean is not my lover: An MJ Memorial Pack

    We all remember the day MJ died, it was a sad day for us all. But even though MJ is now gone, we can see the legacy that MJ left us with. You can tell that MJ has influenced the work of many, and will have a special place in our hearts. We will miss you, MJ. Ever since Buildcraft converted to...
  16. CaptPanda

    Request not having double post functionality in 'Your modpacks' Section

    I mainly ask this because I requested my packs to be updated a week ago, and since I was the last to post in that thread, whenever I try to bump that thread, it immediately merges with my previous post (which was a week ago) and doesn't update the notifications. This is extremely aggravating...
  17. CaptPanda

    [6 packs!] SpamPacks; A varied selection of lightweight modpacks

    Hello, one and all! Welcome to my humble set of modpacks! Some of you may recognise me as that guy who did the pack with the golems, but now I have a wonderful selection to show you! These packs aren't your typical packs though, these ones have their themes! Different flavours and different...
  18. CaptPanda

    [1.1.0][JamPacked (the first one and the best one)] Hardcore Testing Mode: Golem Factory

    Update: Note that because of the gate block, you can't use the top of any of the machines. If you are having any difficulty with the QDS quests, try placing a hopper (or similar) next to it. This is the only exception I'll make to the 'no transportation blocks' rule. There may be a bug with HQM...
  19. CaptPanda

    FTB Horizons 1.0.7 Missing Microblocks

    I do not know where to ask this question, so I will put this here. Whenever I try to connect to a server, I get the following message; the following microblocks are not installed on this client: tile.bop.leaves1.4, tile.bop.leaves1.5, tile.bop.leaves1.6, tile.bop.leaves1.7, tile.bop.leaves2.4...
  20. CaptPanda

    Horizons: TiC + Metallurgy

    Hey guys, I'm new to the horizons pack, but I can't help but notice that there's some compatibility between the two mods, and as I'm getting started, what is good materials for early game, and what should I aspire to for endgame TiC? I find the metallurgy mod a bit overwhelming, but If I can put...