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    mod/block idea

    hey guys, .. do you know that if you have a mob/xp farm running, which makes this annoying sound that nearly crashes your sound engine? .. would be awsome if someone could maybe make some kind of block which sucks up all the sound around him, so you could place a few blocks to your mobfarm and...
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    [unsolved] EE3 Problem :/

    Hey guys, i have a problem with EE3, .. if i try to exchange something with the minium stone it does work at the start, but if i play for a bit it stops working after a while... i also made a video for you, please watch it and help me.. its really annoying.. all the logfiles can be found in...
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    Logistic Pipes - Crafting Pipe splitting up the recipe to multiple destinations?

    Hey guys, i have a question, I'm playing with many different mods, inter alia logistic pipes, bc, rp, gregtech and many more. I'm building a huge auto-crafting system at the moment with logistic pipes, and they should also be able to autocraft HV solar arrays (compact solar mod) .. i think...