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  1. Mathwiz000617

    Challenge my Integrated Dynamics creativity!

    So, for simple calculator, this is what I got, though it is just addition and multiplication at the moment. It takes the number of items in the first cache and adds or multiplies that by the number of items in the other cache, based on the variable card in the output (one says multiply, the...
  2. Mathwiz000617

    Challenge my Integrated Dynamics creativity!

    I'm bored in quarantine! While I wait for a chance to leave the house, I want you guys to challenge me. Think of any task. I will do my best to create a solution, however impractical, using the Integrated suite (Dynamics, Tunnels, Crafting, and Terminals) and Creative mode. For an added...
  3. Mathwiz000617

    Help with integrated dynamics

    There is no way to modify a variable without the result being another variable.
  4. Mathwiz000617

    Bug Botania

    Pics might help. The main things I can think of are: You have regular spreaders that don't have anywhere to put the mana. You have regular spreaders instead of pulse spreaders. Your spreaders are out of mana.
  5. Mathwiz000617

    Help with integrated dynamics

    For adding to a variable 'X', you need two more variables, 'Y' and 'Z', so that X+Y=Z. The easiest thing to do after that is place X and Y in a variable store on your network. For your problem, you'd have a tank reader with variable A reading from the fluid list, variable B the fluid you want...
  6. Mathwiz000617

    I need help!

    I've had the same problem with the twitch launcher. Best bet is to use a different launcher - FTB has their own now, and MultiMC is good for other 1.12.2 or below packs. Additionally, there's the GDLauncher, which is like the Twitch one without all the overhead.
  7. Mathwiz000617

    Floramancer? Floramaster!

    Oh, look, I can't log in via Facebook anymore... and I can't access my old profile. Anyway, here's automation of snow, ice, and packed ice. Winter runes require 2, 1, and 1, respectively. Pretty simple. a floating pure daisy turns flowing water into snow (4 blocks) and picked up using...
  8. Mathwiz000617

    Botania - An innovative natural magic themed tech mod (Not in beta any more!)

    Munchdews only eat leaves at or above their y levels. You can place a floating one higher up on the tree, leaving the lower ones to despawn for saplings.