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    [LISTED][1.7.10]BlastOff! [Hardcore/EasyCore, HQM][170++Quests] version 1.3.3STABLE

    any idea why i dont have any sounds in game besides this new added fight music? and i restarted sound engine many times by pressing f3+s did not work ;(
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    Agrarian Skies Frustration

    I dig a little bit about my problems, if some1 have same then may appriciate this Do not launch AS in offline mode, quest book uses ur Nick/Login w/e to check ur progress. So if ur name is for example "Dickhead" and u finish AS and if u log in again but this time in offline mode ur book will...
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    Agrarian Skies Frustration

    Java 8 and windows 8x64
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    Agrarian Skies Frustration

    I was waiting for that kind of map since original FTB. Finally i had time to try this out, i was sooo excited, i played couple hours and it was perfect until bugs came out. 2 major bug that frustrate me sooo hard. My internet freaks out and i lost connection, so i tried to launch AS and play...
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    Bug Material Energy 4 Can't Launch

    Direwolf20 pack works fine but this particular one not rly, ive read a lot about that error: "Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM warning: ignoring option PermSize=256m; support was removed in 8.0" But there was no solution, pls help I have newest Beta Launcher (already marked that box that...
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    EE and FTB new map

    still dont understand what kind of freedom u have? whats so special? It may be easier for map makers to use that book rather than make a complex building that is probably best thing with it. But still book is boring ;)
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    EE and FTB new map

    I didint said that book is bad, imo some statue/building when u had to put certain items was way more intresting in this particular case, it gives that special feeling of that map. And yes book is boring, what makes it better than piramid from FTB? what new things books gives you? u have items u...
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    EE and FTB new map

    guys it is "Feed the Beast" i hope we gonna have a "beast" not a boring book ;)
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    EE and FTB new map

    i dont like idea that Agrarians skies is some sort of "new FTB map" FTB map = 100% fun Agrarian skies = first 4-5 hours grind and then 20%-50%-100% fun btw vores are clear, most of u want wait until Pahimar do what he start. today is 11/10.2014, i visit this topic after 3 years and we we will...
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    EE and FTB new map

    As everybody knows the only reason why we still dont have new map FTB with new mods its Equivalent Exchange witch is not finished yet, and i think it wont be for a very long time. So imo would be better if Pahimar just give this project to peoples who can finish it. what you think about that? I...
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    Should ftb be... harder?

    there is no difficulty level in FTB, for example GregTech is'nt harder, it just takes more time to reach late game
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    Request Suggest mods for creation here

    In all the technic stuff we have in FTB pack we still have vanilla wooden signs which dont rly fit to industrial stuff from other mods, so my idea is to make just simple mod that adds few customizable more technic looking signs, It should look like monitors, iron look etc, as i said...
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    NEI Chunk Boundires/Borders

    no, its NEI feature problem is that chunk overlay works fine in new world and doesnt work in mine old world, and i have no idea whats wrong
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    NEI Chunk Boundires/Borders

    i change the key in NEI shortcut options. NEI cant be out of date if im using same modpack as Direwolf20, and i updated it few sec ago to be sure. Could someone download Direwolf20 modpack and check if it works for him? mby DW20 on hes Lets Play had extended version of NEI EDIT i...
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    NEI Chunk Boundires/Borders

    i pressed so many times and nothing happens ;/
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    Things you are most excited about in 1.5

    i cant wait till i wear new modular suit ;)
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    NEI Chunk Boundires/Borders

    i saw in DW20 ssp episode that he can just press f9 and he has chunk borders, i have updated dw pack and there is no option to even assign key for that, anyone know where is problem?
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    Modular Power Suits question

    make sure all parts are turned on ( press K for setting it up)
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    Dumb Modular Powersuit Tricks

    muse, u inspire and motivate other modders to doing thier mods better ;)
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    Confessions: I never ... even though I'm told I should.

    yes u never use those things and u didint enjoy fun with it, thats part of the game