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    News Mod Permissions

    Starting from today, we're reaching out to certain mod authors to ensure we have their continued support and permission to use their mods in FTB modpacks. Prior to the Twitch partnership we would reach out to mod authors who didn't use an open license (like MIT) for permission to redistribute...
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    That version of the pack is pretty broken and is not being maintained right now. We have a revamped version in final testing right now and should be out next week. This new version is a lot more stable than the one released a couple of months ago.
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    Solved IndustrialCraft2 Compressor

    Not a bug, blame IC2 Devs :D
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    Solved Server Crash on Startup

    This should be fixed in v2.1.1 which is going onto the launcher today.
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    Server Crash while placing blocks

    Im looking into that for you and will also update the as well.
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    Solved Item frame requires oak planks

    This should be fixed in the next update. Thanks for letting us know.
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    Bug Multiple bugs

    Thanks for these reports. We are looking into solutions for a future update to the pack.
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    Bug Server Crash with out of Memory,

    Ive passed this log on. I cant see anything wrong on that so passing it on to someone more knowledgable than me. Wish I had better news.
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    Green team biomass not filling

    We are still investigating this, but have not been able to replicate it at this time unfortunately.
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    Problem Starting tree frequently drops no saplings

    I am also looking at other solutions for future versions of the pack.
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    Biomass not accepted

    This was fixed in the 2.0.1 update to the pack.
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    Blue Team Biomass glitch

    This was fixed in the 2.0.1 update to the pack.
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    Green team biomass not filling

    This is very weird. It makes no sense that blacklisting biomass would work. Which version of the map is this on? Can you confirm this is on the server side map for 2.0.1.I am on our test version of the map now and it appears to be working correctly.
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    phantom blocks etc.

    There is an update that we have been trying to get out the last couple of days that will hopefully help you out with most of your problems.
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    OpenComputers and quests wigged out

    In the middle main pyramid behind a trapdoor is a button. This resets the computer. You can try pressing that, however it will take a while for the computers to start up so be warned.
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    Iron RF cost wrong

    The cost displayed in the appendix is listed as EU and not RF. This is converted to RF at a 1 to 4 ratio, ie 512 eu = 2048 rf. This was very unclear in the original appendix and has been fixed in the updated appendix due in the update which will be released later today.
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    Solved Biomass Quest - Which one...

    Thanks, we have fixed this in the next release
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    Bug Can't join team/island after no-saplings forced restart.

    This should be fixed in the updated release which should be out later today.
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    Problem One Probe Default Colors difficult to read

    I plan to include a copy of the text from the One Probe manual into the FTB Guide Book. I hope that this will help you out.
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    Server Quests not completing

    Without more details aboutfow the server provider it is going to be effectively impossible to troubleshoot this. As far as I am aware there is no specific requirements that must be met for OC to work. However having said that, something obviously is not right. As Henry Link mentions, your best...