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    Open Xp Tap not throwing out xp

    Reported to dev. I was able to get XP in version 1.6.0 of the pack but didn't test this in older versions, so it possibly was another mod causing issue.
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    Closed yellorium ore now makes yellorium dust & ingots- instead of uranium

    This was intentional per mods behavior. As Rixxaw says above you can covert items with the ore dict converter block if you want to produce the old method.
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    Closed Cannot craft Tin Gears

    Cannot duplicate, please make sure you overwrite all your script files every update server side.
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    Open Mining drill not showing or using Steel Drill Head

    This has a pending report on the devs tracker, so hopefully its fixed soon!
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    Closed Can not harvest fruit from Forestry/Binnie's Trees

    Should be fixed in 1.6.0
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    February News

    Yes we will create a post here when we get Continuum on FTBone as well as an updated list of streamers/youtubers that play so you can follow.
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    Closed Any portal and back to overworld [BUG]

    I am not able to reproduce on multiple test clients/servers using v1.5.0 which is now public beta.
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    Closed Ring of magnetization crash

    Fixed in 1.5.0
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    Closed Disconnect when trying to login

    I am not able to reproduce and tested on multiple clients/servers using v1.5.0 of the pack.
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    Closed TiCo & YABBA Exponential Dupe

    If its still an issue for some I will have to disable TiC crafting stations next update as removing barrels isn't an option.
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    Closed TiCo & YABBA Exponential Dupe

    Not able to reproduce in v1.5.0 on two test machines.
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    Closed Whenever i drop an item it disappears forever.

    This is fixed in 1.5.0
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    Closed AE2 Recipies arent working

    Fixed in 1.5.0
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    Closed Broken patch version v1.4

    Will need logs. Sounds like your download was corrupt.
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    Closed Item Deletion Glitch

    This has been been fixed in 1.5.0
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    Closed FTB Utils chunk loading resets on world reload

    This has been fixed in dev
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    Closed Game crash when searching Immersive Engineering book

    Please make sure you are using latest version of Java 8. This is a known issue and the dev will not support 8u20
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    Closed Binnie's Genetics machine name, duplication bug

    Reported, told it was fixed in latest versions