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  1. Hambeau

    Request Help with chosing parts for a modded minecraft PC - in UK

    Look at the Ryzen 5 1600AF... It's basically a first gen 1600 built with a 2600 2nd Gen 12nm die. All the tests show it pretty much delivers the performance of a 2600 but at a cost of US $85.00. which is I think about $40 cheaper. I updated my R5 1600 system to a R9 3900x in December and...
  2. Hambeau

    On the 31st October 2019, the partnership between FTB and Twitch will be ending

    FtB has not been "stumped" by Forge... They already have 1.14 packs, they just aren't ready with the new launcher on this site yet. I run Unstable 1.14 from Twitch with no problems but that won't be available forever. I assume that Twitch is allowing FtB packs to remain on their site for an...
  3. Hambeau

    On the 31st October 2019, the partnership between FTB and Twitch will be ending

    Actually, the MOJANG launcher autoloads Java 1.0.8_51 (IIRC) unless it detects a local installation of Java, in which case it uses that. I noticed the FtB launcher is assuming a 32 bit version of Java is loaded, hence the memory limit (a 32-bit CPU only has a 4GB address space, windows chops...
  4. Hambeau

    Problem Hey guys. New member

    If you want to learn about mods in their pristine form (no changes beyond what the authors intended) then I recommend looking at Direwolf20's work. Not only does he have packs going waaaay back to at leas 1.4.7, but he also has a YouTube Let's Play series highlighting each one, including world...
  5. Hambeau

    FTB Unstable 1.14, how to get?

    I have no problem starting it from Twitch today... Having said that I wonder how long it will remain there, considering that the Oct 31 announcement in this forum seems to say that all FtB packs will be removed from Twitch at some point and that everything will be available here. I just...
  6. Hambeau

    Is the i7-8700 enough for heavily modded minecraft?

    I'm playing perfectly fine on my system: Ryzen 5 1600 (3.2-3.5Ghz, although mine self-OCs to 3.775Ghz) 16Gb DDR4-3000 Ram ASUS Prime X370-Pro Motherboard Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD, 240GB (Boot drive) 4TB "Spinning Rust" Drive GTX1060 w/6GB ram If I set no limit on FPS I generally see over 200...
  7. Hambeau

    Problem Banned from chat

    Technically you can be banned for whatever the server owner wants to ban you for... It's their setup after all and they make the rules. A common fallacy in the USA these days is that the 1st Amendment gives an individual the right to say anything they please at any time and any place they want...
  8. Hambeau

    Problem Banned from chat

    I assume "Bish" could be interpreted as a female dog?
  9. Hambeau

    Advice on a mod pack please

    You aren't going to find any Modded 1.12 packs that can run in 4GB worthy of being called "Modded". Most 1.12 packs will crash on attempting to load with a 4GB allocation. At a minimum you will need 5-6GB... I run at about 7.5GB myself.
  10. Hambeau

    FTB Continuum Release

    They stopped pre-announcing new packs because many of the users (people like you and me) lost all semblance of maturity the second the pack was delayed by any margin and filled the forums with all varieties of drama as if a new pack was the most important thing in existence.
  11. Hambeau

    FTB Continuum Release

    You haven't been around here very long, have you? They stopped announcing packs in advance a couple of years ago when the forum proved they couldn't handle the fact that pack developers have personal lives and won't devote every waking minute to Minecraft. Now, sometimes you won't even hear...
  12. Hambeau

    Beyond single player laggy, launches slow

    The origin of this post is nearly 2 years ago... Surely the lag isn't THAT bad :D
  13. Hambeau

    What modpacks (if any) will i be able to run with these specs?

    You don't have enough ram to run anything new... Most modern packs (1.12.2) need 6-8GB allocated, more if you insist on texture packs. Disable the Intel Graphics in your bios. Intel Graphics will normally steal up to 512MB from your system ram but by disabling it and running on the Nvidia card...
  14. Hambeau

    Launcher isn't saving java settings

    You have to unlock the profile or the Twitch settings won't save... Think of it as "Write Protecting" an SD card. The Unlock box is on the same page as the memory allocation slider.
  15. Hambeau

    Can Anyone Help about Mods?

    If you are running a 32-bit OS and Java version I wouldn't attempt to run anything later than 1.7.10 packs. I don't remember if 1.8 supported 32-bit but anything after that requires 64-bit Java, which requires a 64-bit OS. This is because of the hardware limitations of a 32-bit processor, if...
  16. Hambeau

    Please update these forums with current info!

    Maybe the drama of "It's 12:01AM on the 12th of Never! Where's the pack! You promised it would be out today when you announced the pack was being worked on 3 months ago!" is missed. ,,,Certainly not by the FtB pack developers, who have a considerably more quiet life since now the first we know...
  17. Hambeau

    What's with all the super sized mod packs

    The SSD helps quite a bit but the correct amount of ram helps too. Also, I use a utility called "FuzeDrive" to combine 1GB ram, 128GB SSD and 4TB hard drive into an enterprise-style tiered storage volume that's not as fast as SSD but much faster than HDD. The other day I downloaded and tried...
  18. Hambeau

    am i getting scammed or something

    Having reread my post after I've had coffee I realize I may have come off a bit harsh with the "Where have you been" question... Also, Twitch isn't the only way to launch the game, but it's the "Official" launcher for FtB, in addition to providing the largest selection of malware free mods and...
  19. Hambeau

    am i getting scammed or something

    Where have you been? It's been about 3 or 4 years since Curse started hosting FTB launcher in 2015 or 2016. Twitch acquired Curse and Amazon bought Twitch since then.
  20. Hambeau

    Problem FTB Ultimate stuttering

    It's always advisable to reboot a Windows machine every so often. Doubly so if it's been running Minecraft continuously :D