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    Solved Skyblock 2.5 crashing when opening world

    Make a backup of your save then delete the simple achievements folder from your save.
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    FTB Beyond Resource Pack

    The resource patches for mods don't include the vanilla textures. You will need to combine it with the FTB Beyond pack. Unfortunately it is against the rules to distribute the vanilla textures other than from the site Google is your friend if you are unsure how to do this.
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    Can't open my world again

    Try removing the chickenchunks folder from your save. If that does not work then either disable or remove the mod.
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    Looking for a good Texture Pack...

    You don't unzip the resource pack. You only need to drop it into the resource folder.
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    Bug Infinity Evolved 2.6.0 - Extraplanets/Erebus Crashing my client...

    Its simple if you read the crash log because it tells you the issue. The erebus mod is using the same id as a biomes 'o' plenty mod. Change to to something else and it should work.
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    It's the Lockdown mod as that mod is not part of ther server download from the link posted by @mc.crab above.
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    Client keeps crashing when trying to join a server

    Thanks I wasn't sure if mcedit could do this or not.
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    Client keeps crashing when trying to join a server

    It looks like there is an item from Tinkers that is causing the issue. I suggest using mcedit, I think you can with it, to remove what tinkers weapons you have you have in your inventory. Take a world backup first though.
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    Update 1.2.1 to 1.5.3 issue

    Block location: World: (367,74,-104) The issue is with the block from the location above. It is on line #89 of your log. If refers to a block from malasis doors. Use mcedit to remove the block. Take a world backup first just to be safe.
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    launcher crashes

    Not an FTB mod pack. Contact the pack author for help.
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    Possibly a couple of mods not loading on boot

    The error relates to your antivirus software blocking minecraft from accessing a file. Add an exception to stop it from scanning your curse/twitch installation folder and all sub folders. If you don't know how then google is your friend.
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    Project Ozone 2 - NEI recipe lookup crashes on server but not on single player

    The Project Ozone 2 pack is not an FTB pack. Please contact the creator for help with your issue. There is a help channel within the curse client. I would start by removing any aditional mods you added first.
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    ways to improve performance for only having 4 GB of RAM?

    Simple solution you need more ram. The 1.10 packs now require 4gb minimum and recommend 6gb or more. So 8gb is now the minimum required for 1.10 and beyond, for modded anyway, as with other games with 16gb being the recommended.
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    SkyBlock 2.5 "Fatally missing blocks and items"

    Try removing mod from your server and your client then add it again.
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    part 2 of my help request xD

    Get the mod from the author website and add it yourself. It will be easy to remove if it doesn't.
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    FTB Crackpack won't launch

    Check the link below as well.
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    Java Binary Crash

    I would also check how much memory you have allocated as you need 4gb minimum and recommends 5 to 6gb.
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    Java Binary Crash

    Try the fix that was suggested first as long as you have an Nvidia gfx card. If not, then try FTB paste for your log and link it in your op.
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    Sky Factory 2.5 crashing on startup

    @LordBoriz Check out the link below.
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    Project Ozone 2 crashes when using NEI due to botania

    It looks like an issue with the Hardcore Questing mod. The Better Questing mod was added to replace HQM but is still in the pack. I would switch over to that mod and see if the issue is resolved. If that does not work then contact the pack author through curse as they have/had a chat group for...