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    Whitelist Server KoozCraft [Infinity pack] | [Community-based] | [PvE] | [18+]

    * MC Username: chowe010 * Skype ID: vxd_calamity * Age (18+): 20 * Play Style (tech, magic, etc.): defiantly tech * Experience with mods: all of them really, i have played modded minecraft since 2010 * About Yourself: im a full time college student but expect me to be on most nights * What...
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    Whitelist Server Koozcraft [DW20 1.7.10] | [Fresh Map] | [Community-based] | [No Banned Items] | [PvE] |

    MC Username: chowe010 Skype ID: vxd_calamity Age (18+):20 Play style: engineer Experience with Mods: All of them About Yourself: Im a full time Student studying biochemistry and love modded minecraft What can you contribute to the server?: i know alot about the mods and can offer...
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    Whitelist Server Why Not? [DW20 1.0.14][Whitelist][Minecraft 1.6.4] [10 Slots] [Mumble Team Chat]

    IGN: Chowe010 AGE: 19 EXPERIENCE: Played modded minecraft for about 2 years now, good with thermal expansion,tinkerers construct, and computer craft Lunch tomorrow: a steak...(as a college student im always craving steak but never eating it)
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    Whitelist Server HazeCraft |Unleashed V1.1.7 | Whitelist | No plugins/banned items | 24 slots | PvE | 18+

    Age: 19 IGN: chowe010 What is your experience with FTB/mods? I used to run a ftb DW_20 pack that had a constant 10 people online, but then i had to take a break from games. i know many of the old mods released with the initial release of FTB Where do you reside at (timezone will do)? USA EST...
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    Whitelist Server TechnicalLab [Custom Ultimate Pack] [Whitelist] [24/7]

    My Name:chowe010 My age:18 I live in (Country):USA I have a microphone:yes I will join Teamspeak when im on the server: yes I agree with all the rules that are listed above in the topic: yes
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    IGN: (Offensive or vulgar names are denied.) chowe010 Age: (16+ as of now) 18 Previously Banned?: (paste result url from heres proof Why do you join whitelisted servers?: (Don't like...
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    Whitelist Server CrazyCraft - Ultimate - White list - No Banned Items 24/7 - Keep items on death

    no it still says im not whitelisted try just chowe010 no capital C
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    Whitelist Server CrazyCraft - Ultimate - White list - No Banned Items 24/7 - Keep items on death

    please reload the whitelist as i can not join saying that i have not been whitelisted
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    Whitelist Server CrazyCraft - Ultimate - White list - No Banned Items 24/7 - Keep items on death

    In-Game Name: Chowe010 Age:18 Country:USA Time Zone:EST How often will you play?about once every day Skype? no but i will if needed Have you ever been banned? Why? never been ban...
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    Whitelist Server The Coup|FTB Ultimate v1.0.1 (MC v1.4.7)|Only 4 slots open

    IGN: Chowe010 Why you would like to play on this server: to get a small comunity feel on an ultimate pack server, i am a fan of small comunity servers and i curntly am on one for a mine crack server but i want some of the mods that that does not have yet. Rate your Maturity Level (1-10| 10...
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    Whitelist Server Minec*nt|Mindcrack 8.2.0|Whitelist|Relaxed Gregtech|18+ preferred|

    hey solid theres a guy i think the op who has tones of Machines running making the server almost unplayable
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    Whitelist Server TerreneCraft (DW20 pack) (18+) (nopvp)

    In-Game Username:Chowe010 Age:18 What is your Timezone?: EST-4 Have you ever been banned from any type of Minecraft server?:no If Yes, why?: How often will you be active in-game? (Hours per Day/Week): 1/day Vanilla Minecraft Experience?:around 1.5 years FTB Experience?: 1 year Do you have a...
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    Whitelist Server Minec*nt|Mindcrack 8.2.0|Whitelist|Relaxed Gregtech|18+ preferred|

    In game name: Chowe010 Time playing FTB: 1 year Age:18 Timezone: EST-4 How much time you think you'd be online: around 30 to 60 minutes a day at least
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    Whitelist Server New Server|Dw20 V5.1.0|White list|24/7

    hello and welcome to my new server. this server is hosted by Creeperhost and has a 2 core possessor and 4Gb RAM it will not lag and hardly ever crashed based on a 2 month closed beta. Server IP: Rules: No Griefing of any kind as determined by the op...
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    NewCraft|White listed|Dw20 modpack|

    whitelisted once the server restarts all whitelisted when the sever restarts all will be whitelisted when the server restarts